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  1. CraigJMount

    Rheem's Paid Link Program

    I was on the phone with one of my customer's today. He informed me the water heater company, Rheem, is paying plumbers to keep a link on their home page pointing back to their website. I'm guessing in an effort to rank pages like these—Best Water Heating Plumbers in Dallas, TX - Rheem Water...
  2. CraigJMount

    Linking from Citations w/ CID's

    Suuup guys, Anyone here familiar with linking directly to a Google Maps CID from a citation as a Google Maps strategy? Link to article here—Test Results - Using the GMB CID URL in Your Citations - Web 2.0 Ranker I'm told this works. But I'm moreso interested in why, is this because the brand...
  3. CraigJMount

    Yelp Reviews Reinstated

    Hey everyone, I had something really unique happen to me over the weekend. I have a customer who pays almost 4k/month to Yelp (yes he gets a return) for advertising. As we know... Yelp deleted a ton of reviews in its "Ghost" update in November. This customer called Yelp on Friday, expressed...
  4. CraigJMount

    Google Maps Merger Tool PSA

    Hey guys, Just an update if you don't already know, Google's merger tools are down. They are currently unable to merge Maps listings as of last night. I can't imagine it'll be long to get it to restore, but I just thought I'd share.
  5. CraigJMount

    Local Queries Going Straight to LSA Landing Page?

    Hey smart folk, Has anyone else found local queries that take users directly to a Local Service Ads landing page? If so, can you provide some examples? Also, any reason why something like this would be happening?
  6. CraigJMount

    "Businesses like yours are posting!"

    Howdy gang, When did Google bring this feature into the Google My Business dashboard mix? Does anyone know?
  7. CraigJMount

    Suggestions for Dampening Rank for a Keyword

    Hey guys! I came across an interesting case in the forums- Remove Business From Appearing In Local Search For Specific Services - The Google Advertiser Community - 1938266 This user ranks for "Passport Services" even though the entity doesn't provide this service (anymore). Any suggestions...
  8. CraigJMount

    "Suggest an Edit" Auto-Denying on Google Maps

    Anyone notice "Suggest an Edit" not working anymore? I have a Level 8 Google Guide that is having basic spam edits get auto-denied. These are edits that normally go through no problem but are now not only not going into "Pending"... instead immediately denying. It definitely feels like...
  9. CraigJMount

    FDS Listings

    I got a call today from "FDS Listings" out of Florida. It was a robocall scheme where they call you, tell you your listing is unverified and try to get you to pay to "verify" it. I couldn't find the actual company, but I found the job posting- CALL NOW START TODAY!!! They wouldn't tell me...
  10. CraigJMount

    Scheduling Software for Agencies

    Hey guys, I'm curious to see what different scheduling software other agencies use. I'm looking for something that: Sends reminders via text/email. Allows for download links for different calendars (I realize this is a pretty universal feature). Looks snazzy. Insert other features I can't...
  11. CraigJMount

    Google Maps Photo Hack

    Hey all, Recently I've heard of a trick where you can "geo-tag" photos in a Google My Business profile. This process will allow you to rank in the geography they are "geo-tagged" for. I have it on mediocre authority this is something that you can actually rank something well if done properly...
  12. CraigJMount

    Crowdsource - Local Link Ideas (Media)

    Hey guys! As you know, link building is without question difficult. Some of the links I get for clients are media-related. I feel like we have a lot of success doing this (examples provided below). My question for you guys: Do you have any techniques for getting into the local news that you...
  13. CraigJMount

    Yelp's Biggest Algorithm Update

    Hey guys, Yelp updated its "recommendation software" around November 8th. The result was a massive wipe of thousands of reviews. What's interesting to me is that there seems to be a lot of collateral damage, even legitimate stagnate Yelp Elites are seeing reviews deleted in favor of...
  14. CraigJMount

    Choice Google Reviews

    Hey guys, One of my friends got a review that was really well-written/funny. It's definitely the gold-standard... unless you guys can top it. Google Maps I'd love to see some great review examples if you guys have them.
  15. CraigJMount

    GMB Posts UTM Codes

    Hey guys, I'm curious how you all format your UTM codes for GMB posts. This is something I'm trying to get better at doing for Posts specifically. The main issue I have is figuring out what to name the campaign for multi-location businesses. E.g.-...