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  1. chrish

    Two Phone Numbers for Business

    Curious what to do with a business that has two phone numbers for two very different purposes. There are two separate phone numbers, one for the one brick and mortar showroom and one for corporate/eCommerce site where they want all of the people purchasing/browsing online to call. What is best...
  2. chrish

    What is the latest with using a PO Box and/or an address @ somewhere like a UPS store?

    Hi, I have a client that is selling the building to their physical location and moving their business, they are going to run it out of their house. They do not want to use their home address as their business address. I know PO Boxes and addresses at UPS stores used to "work" then they didn't...
  3. chrish

    Multi-Location Keyword Targeting - Looking for Thoughts / Advice

    Hi, I am just getting my hands dirty with a new project and have not worked on a lot of local SEO projects in the past few years. The client is a national brand that ranks well for synonymous keywords like "HR Outsourcing" and "PEO Services" which have local 3-packs even without City modifiers...
  4. chrish

    Local 3 Pack listing in Google SERPS

    Hi, I have a client who is ranking #4 (in 'more places') on a Local 3 Pack listing on Google for a search query around 'personal injury.' The top 3 attorneys are all listed as 'personal injury attorneys' and my client is showing as 'General Practice'. All of these lawyers, including my client...
  5. chrish

    Strange G+/Local/MapMaker Issue

    Hi, We have a strange issue going on with our Google Maps listings. I was not sure which forum to post to, apologies if it's misplaced. Will try to explain as best I can. We have a Google+ Page: It is 'connected' with our...
  6. chrish

    Google+ Won't Change Name to Correct Spelling

    Currently the business name on our Google+ page has a letter that should be capitalized that is not. We have tried to make the change, but it won't go through. We also would like to add another line to our address to include our floor number, but that change won't go through either. What are...