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    Can't Get Correct GMB Listing To Populate To Request Access

    Hey there! I've got a tricky little thing happening- I have a client who has both an RV Service and Detailing Business and an attached RV Storage Facility. They have listings for both and I'm attempting to request access to the RV Storage Facility listing through GMB but only the Detailing and...
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    Content For Google "About Me" Page

    I had an interaction with another SEO professional who indicated that adding content to the Google About Me page ( for a location with a local listing can help boost the listing in Maps. This logically makes sense but I was wondering if anyone else has done any...
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    Do You Recognize These 3rd Party Tracking URLs?

    I'm having an issue with the URLs being changed in my GMB account and not knowing where they are coming from: My client has decided to use some third party management tools to help manage his listings. I use tracked URLs that are specific to the website we manage for him and he would prefer...
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    GMB Photos Removed from Accounts- Still Live On Maps

    Hello there! I'm having a major issue with one of my clients- they have 55 locations and had uploaded photos to all the locations and even 360 tours to a many of them as well. When doing an audit on 12/9 I noticed that there were about 5 listings that didn't have photos. When we got back to...