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  1. dave101

    Referral for writers?

    Is there a directory of writers? Looking to get a referral to writers who are familiar with working with SEO consultants.
  2. dave101

    Need Opinion on Office Locations

    Have a client who has a "main" location showroom which is in 1 town and then they have a warehouse about 15 minutes away in a nearby town. Should the warehouse location be removed from Google Maps? Wasn't sure if that would hurt their main location since it's the same name on GMB.
  3. dave101

    Anyone have experience with optimizing IT Support companies?

    Trying to get feedback as IT support companies have a broad service area. Curious if anyone has experience with IT support companies?
  4. dave101

    Anyone a Yext Reseller?

    Looking to get Yext for my business curious if anyone is selling listing management.
  5. dave101

    Local City Page Examples

    Anyone know of recently updated examples to follow as a guide when building a local page for a business with multiple locations?
  6. dave101

    Looking for Content Writer

    Looking for a content writer who is familiar with writing for Local SEO. Any recommendations?
  7. dave101

    Anyone reselling Grade.Us

    I am looking to see if anyone is reselling Grade.Us have 2 businesses I want to get accounts for but I want to get dashboard access so I can edit invites etc. Let me know if your selling it. Thanks.
  8. dave101

    Recommendations on Setup

    Should I list "zipcodes" of the areas I cover OR is listing the county work better? There are 3 major counties which I service but curious if listing by zipcode is a better option.