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    Foursquare Turns Six, CEO writes blog post about Local

    In my experience, Foursquare is a whole lot better than Google, speaking local. I travel a lot abroad and (almost) ultimately use 4sq for finding what to do and read recommendations. Google hasn't been really helpful so far, and I tend to classify most of the reviews on Google as fake/spam. Not...
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    GMB Phone Support in India

    As I said 1AM PST is 11AM UK, so if I call around this time (which I usually do, due to my work schedule) - yes. The waiting time is more than 10 mins. I suppose once the US based call centre opens the waiting is significantly less, but I'm not sure what that time would be.. perhaps 6AM PST as...
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    GMB Phone Support in India

    Hi all, since the phone support now opens at 1AM PST (11AM in the UK), I've been reaching the Indian call centre all the time. I think it is quite obvious why they have outsourced it. Like you said, the waiting time is usually more than 10-15 mins and they often hang up the phone for no...
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    Google blacklists website, suspends listing

    Thank you for that link, Justin. Didn't know about Google's Safe Browsing Diagnostic page but will now bookmark it.
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    Google blacklists website, suspends listing

    Hi all, I'm doing an audit for a potential new client. They came to me with a suspended Google listing, which seems to me is in compliance with the guidelines and any non-written rules that I could possibly think of. The client let me listen recordings of 2 phone calls they had with Google...
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    Google+ phone number

    Just saw it yesterday that they now open the lines at 1AM PST. I think it was 6AM before? Not sure when they changed it, but it's pretty neat for us non-US. ;)
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    Strange UK rankings

    Hey there, I also work in the UK market with slightly different types of clients. :) Also reported strange results but prior the Pigeon update, that are still valid today without a single change. Thus, I don't think the bird has landed to the UK just yet. I think my observations here (which...
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    Google Support Says GMB Description Helps Rankings? Pigeon Ranking Signal Change?

    Hello, I was, in fact, advised by GMB Phone Support to add a keyword into the description. This was last week, prior to the update. I called in to ask them to add a category for me that is not available in the suggested categories. This was for a SAB client of mine with hidden address (and not...
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    Google Local Algo Shake Up - Are You Seeing Changes in the 7 Pack?

    Hello there, I've been following this forum for a while and decided to register so I can express my frustration around some things, related to this thread, lol. So, yes, to answer to the title - I did see changes in the UK for some queries, not only changes in the rankings, but also the...
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    Crackdown on residential addresses for Service Area Businesses?

    Hi, We also have a couple of SABs with hidden addresses suspended. Both in the US and the UK. We called the Google phone support and they were able to fix the US listing right away, didn't really explain why it happened, but said the algorithm is sometimes expected to wrongly suspend...