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  1. HurricaneK8

    In House SEO, Agency, Independent Consultant - Which R U & Why?

    I came from an agency background, and am now working in-house for a group of car dealerships as their digital marketing expert (Adwords, Social, SEO, the works). Each has their pros and cons. I did enjoy having a team at the agency who understood what my role was & respected/supported what I...
  2. HurricaneK8

    How to Find all the NAP Variations for your Business Like a Pro

    Great tips for people starting their Citation Clean-Up & Building journey! One thing I've found helpful for finding inconsistent citations (other than my trusty NAP Hunter ;) ) is Google Advanced Search ( You can do this right in the search box, but I...
  3. HurricaneK8

    How Bad is Spam in Your Town?

    My city has a one-box for city + seo... Google: Stop giving SEOs reasons to hate you :P It's a legit company, and they don't look to be doing anything spammy. It's almost as annoying as spammers though! Great article. Thanks for helping to clean it up!
  4. HurricaneK8

    How to Get Revenge on those Nasty Google Robocallers ▶ Hilarious Video

    Hahahaha that was terrific. I actually clicked the PICTURE of the video and wondered why it wouldn't play :o Perhaps more coffee is needed.
  5. HurricaneK8

    Whiteboard Friday: Can SEOs Stop Worrying About Keywords and Just Focus on Topics?

    This is a really great (IMO) Whiteboard Friday that I've been actually curious about for the last few months. The video goes into more detail, but in short we are evolving and Rand suggests to still target keywords, but put them in buckets and use them intelligently in titles, headlines...
  6. HurricaneK8

    Google+ Won't Change Name to Correct Spelling

    Yep-- I had to do this the other day for a postal code that wouldn't change (logged into the dashboard). I thought it might just be because it was part of the address, which understandably Google doesn't want people changing. I got a call from the Google rep and she changed it, and its...
  7. HurricaneK8

    Huge Ranking Algorithm Change - Jan 10, 2016

    Neat tool! Thanks for sharing. I wish there was enough data for Canada.
  8. HurricaneK8

    Discussion: How Do You Choose Which Keywords to Target on the Homepage?

    Great answers so far! Thanks everyone, and Thanks Joy for posting this question. I think that we've summarized the pros and cons both sides of the coin pretty well. One thing I'll add is that in my experience we sometimes lose sight of the big picture-- SEO is a tactic in an overall marketing...
  9. HurricaneK8

    Keep Up with Daily News in Local Search

    Got the Local Pulse in my email today! Great articles. The Google My Business Releases V2.0 of the GMB API had a bunch of broken picture links under it though (for me anyways). Thanks for doing this. It's nice to feel like I have someone else keeping up UTD when I get super busy :)
  10. HurricaneK8

    Blacklist of Useless citation sites

    My only worry with that approach is that people could use the blacklist for negative SEO :( I have a list of citation sources that don't allow me to add clients anymore, but I'm not sure how useful that would be to other people. Usually you try once, and then remember not to use that source...
  11. HurricaneK8

    SEO Trends 2016

    Haven't seen this posted yet, but here's a great collection of opinions on SEO Trend Predictions for 2016 by momentology! SEO Trends 2016: 44 Experts On The Future Of Organic Search Success This one by Martin Woods, SEO Consultant, SALT really resonated with me: I'm seeing a lot of companies...
  12. HurricaneK8

    Facebook Ads

    Someone will probably have a way better answer than me for this. But here I go: It's hard to really quantify (in my position) the ROI because a) I don't usually have access to that info. from the business and b) it's usually a combination of mediums that get people in the door. c) The budgets I...
  13. HurricaneK8

    Verbatim - Anyone else see this filter feature?

    Yep I'm seeing it on .ca! Although I tried "Brick Cleaning Toronto" and it was shortened to "Brick Cleaning tor" and then "Brick Cleaning To" so it's still glitchy (I can't see why that would be intentional).
  14. HurricaneK8

    FACEBOOK Ads Hack Warning: Check your ads accounts!

    Just wanted to give anyone who does Facebook ads for clients a heads-up. We had one of our accounts hacked into and ads run out of it, on our company credit-cards dime. The ads were to a spammy site, surprise surprise. I'm not sure if this is a new type of spam or not, it's the first time I've...
  15. HurricaneK8

    Facebook Ads

    Sometimes you have to go through the should-have-been-approved process to get someone to look at it and approve it, especially on new accounts. Sometimes I boost a post that is also running as an ad and one will get through, and the other won't. It's frustrating! But they're pretty quick about...
  16. HurricaneK8

    Finally: Official Google Statement on ALL the Google Local Changes after G+ Update

    Thanks for putting all of this together, Linda. I have to admit that I've been MIA lately, trying to restructure (& just busy as hell). I didn't even KNOW about the new G+/GMB stuff going on until a client called in a tuff threatening to quit our services because she couldn't find a GMB...
  17. HurricaneK8

    PPC with Bing

    I've done some Bing PPC for clients before, but and it cost lest but there was so few clicks that it wasn't worth our fee to manage it (testing, tweaking, etc). It really depends on the industry & target market, and like Joy & Eric said-- It's hit or miss.
  18. HurricaneK8

    Study On Click-through Rate and Average Ranking Trends

    We've done tests on this and haven't seen strong evidence. Wherever there was evidence, it seems like it goes back to previous rankings after a few weeks. I think it's like news articles-- It could be the hottest thing at the top of the search results for a day, but then it gets old and newer...
  19. HurricaneK8

    Yelp Documentary - Billion Dollar Bully

    Sorry if this has already been posted, it's from March 7th but I was just made aware of it today (it's trending on Reddit). <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> This could be HUGE for businesses, even if Yelp...
  20. HurricaneK8

    Google Changing Meta

    Does anyone know if you can still use the <META NAME="GOOGLEBOT" CONTENT="NOODP"> tag (you may need to hop into a time machine, or read Inside Google Sitemaps: More control over page snippets) to stop Google from pulling directly from DMOZ? Could help your situation if you're sure that's where...