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  1. Jen Currier

    Can Facebook Reviews be moved from one Company Page to another?

    Does anyone have experience with moving Reviews from one Company Page to another within Facebook. I have been successful with GMB support team helping me to accomplish this in the past, and was hoping Facebook supported the process as well. So far I can't seem to find anything related to this...
  2. Jen Currier

    Is anyone else seeing a delay in the publication of responses for Google Reviews?

    I submitted a response to a Google Review this afternoon both through the SERP directly and the Dashboard. I received confirmation for both attempts and was able to see the response in the Dashboard, however it was not actually published? It took aprox 10 minutes before the response was live...
  3. Jen Currier

    New Business Moving in 6 months - Submit Aggregator Listings Now or Later

    A client of ours is a manufacturer of a product. They currently have a temporary office as their Corporate location. They do meet with prospective customers at this location as well as staff full-time employees, and therefore we have helped them to create and verify their GMB listing. I always...