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  1. Kel

    SAB at the top

    There is a HVAC company that has a Google+ page with the address listed and roofing as their category. How are they able to go from nowhere in sight to the top of rankings in the matter of 3 or 4 weeks? This is both confusing and frustrating. Take a look...
  2. Kel

    Model homes claimed as offices

    I came across a new home builder that has 8 claimed locations. At least 5 of those are model homes. Google's guidelines are not clear in this situation. Has anyone delt with this before? Is this a legit listing? I didn't see any other posts about this when I glossed over the threads. Thanks
  3. Kel

    Google+ Local Bulk Uploads

    I have a potential client that has many locations. Is there a bulk upload method through Google+ Local yet? If so, how? If not, what is the best practice for a multiple location business with too many locations to go in individually and claim? Thanks. I looked through the forums and didn't...
  4. Kel

    List of "must have" citations.

    I was just curious what are the citations that you automatically grab for a client as soon as they sign on. What are your top 10-20 citations that will move the needle quickly. I would just like to see a comparison from all of the local experts that roam these threads.
  5. Kel

    Added a video and the percentage of page completeness dropped.

    I went to add a video to a new client's Places page. When I went to edit the page it was 100% complete without a video. After adding the video, it is now at 93% complete. Any clue why this happened/how to fix it?
  6. Kel

    Uploading Photos as a Google User

    I have tried uploading new pictures to client's pages, as well. After a few weeks of not showing up I decided to upload some as a user instead of through the dashboard. The pictures were posted within an hour. Is this an ok practice to use until the dashboard pics are posted? Is there a...
  7. Kel

    Real estate listing - TITLE Questions

    I recently took over a client's Place page. They are real estate agents working under the umbrella of a larger firm called McGraw Realty. The listing that they have claimed is simply McGraw Realty. This listing has their individual business information and website url. I am afraid that the name...