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    GMB Dashboard Data Highly Inflated -- Related to Barry Schwartz Inflated Impressions Article

    Hello all! Looking for some input or to see if anyone knows more about anything Google is taking action on as a result of the spike in search impressions related to Barry's post here Google Is Investigating Spike In Impressions & Queries I work in automotive and we've seen similar spikes in...
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    Search Console - Mobile Avg. Position Change for GMB tagged URL - June 1

    Looking for some insights into mobile average position free-fall for GMB-tagged URL in GSC on or around June 1. I'm seeing this in multiple accounts and mainly for brand name. This feels more like a change in how things are reported in GSC, but feels like a really late rollout from the canonical...
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    Sanity Check - GMB Posts Appearance Google Maps

    Someone confirm this with me please? And if this is accurate, anyone know the date when GMB posts stopped appearing on mobile Google Maps website? Or did they never appear here and because I'm a heavy Google Maps app user on mobile I never noticed? Example Search Query Used: Midas Kauai...
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    Tutorial for Learning Google My Business API?

    I learn best by following along with a tutorial. Although I'm able to read through the Google Developers GMB API guide, it would be really helpful if someone had a walk-through. Anyone come across any online courses/excellent tutorials they'd care to share?:)
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    Organization Has GMB Listing but Serves No Customers

    What's the best course of action to correct/remove a Google My Business listing that was created for a corporate office? No customers are served at this location, and the brand search that returns this Google My Business listing shows it above the organization's Knowledge Panel. The...
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    Separate Addresses for Car Dealership and its Service Department

    Hi All, I have a car dealership that has 2 different addresses/phone numbers for its Showroom and its Service Department -- all legit. The problem is the store continuously receives service department customers at its showroom location -- mainly from people who search the brand name which...
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    Campaign URL as Website Address?

    Never came across this before, but I have a client using Google's campaign builder to create a campaign tracking URL for Google Plus, and using this as the website address in the dashboard. Assuming they did this purely for Google Analytics reasons, which seems redundant since I did a...