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    Google Local Citations - Quality Issues to Be Aware Of

    This issue is particularly interesting and delicate, when you think of potential competitors who might think of sabotaging your local optimization by lowering your citation quality + messing up with your NAP. Sooner or later, Google will probably have to come up with some sort of "Citation...
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    Google Plus Local duplicate problem

    @Colan thanks a lot. But due to some confidentiality issues with my associate partner, I'm not allowed to publish the business name with its issue elsewhere. :(
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    Google+ Local HUGE Layout Change

    I got the new Google+ designs as well. They're not just on my Places listings, but my personal profile as well. I can't really understand where Google is heading with this. The new profiles look terrible on my 15 inch screen and I bet they look even worse on smaller screens.
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    Google Plus Local duplicate problem

    Jeffrey, I'm currently encountering a similar issue... I don't have an answer to it, but I thought it would add up well to the discussion. Since last February I am involved in a business that has already been submitted to Google+ Local TWICE, from two different Google+ accounts by the last...
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    Local SERP Rankings Checker from

    Sounds interesting, Sergiu. But what exactly do you mean by "reverse engineering"?
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    List of "must have" citations.

    It depends not just on the industry, but on the targeted location as well. Building citations on US sites and directories for a German website is equal to zero.
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    International Citations - Anyone have a source?

    Good question Dino! I too am looking forward to some answers and recommendations, as I wasn't able to find many citation sources for businesses based in Germany and Austria. :(
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    Super Hot FREE Local Rank Checker with Bonuses

    I checked it out briefly... but it doesn't look very reliable. I believe FREE isn't always the best option, especially when it comes to delivering accurate reports to your clients. :)
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    What's OK To Use As A Website in Google Places

    +1 for Phil's comment. Setting up your own website has become easy as pie. 1. Buy a domain name; 2. Register for a cheap hosting account. 3. Upload a simple HTML template (or a cms) 4. Write a short intro for your business. In Germany it's even easier than that: usually your internet and phone...
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    Local Reporting Software

    Greetings Marie, About two weeks ago I discovered here, on, a SERP tool provided by After giving it a quick try it turned out to be perfect for my ongoing projects. I currently use it to track websites and campaigns targeting...
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    LAUNCHING: Google+ Communities - This will be HOT for Local!

    For now, the only available anti-spam feature is keeping the community closed. Frankly speaking, that should be more than enough to keep anonymous spammers away. Nevertheless, you are absolutely right, building up and maintaining a community (even a very small one) requires many working hours...
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    LAUNCHING: Google+ Communities - This will be HOT for Local!

    This is great news, I just hope Google Communities won't have the same unfortunate fate as Facebook Groups: spammy users, spammy content and only very, very few worth reading discussions. In the meantime, I see someone already created a community for local SEOs: Local SEO - Google+
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    Local SERP Rankings Checker from

    The interface is very appealing and the functions seem quite impressive. So far I didn't know there was a tool that can check SERP rankings for multiple geographic locations. The natural question that comes to my mind is: how do you do it and how accurate are your results? Can you guarantee that...
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    Google's Fight to Kill Search by 2020?

    Few days ago I was using Google to find a nearby shop where I can buy whiteboard markers. Right before showing me the global results, Google attacked me with 3 entire rows of randomly chosen whiteboard markers from Amazon, Ebay and a few other online shops. Indeed, Google is trying to...
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    Any downsides to registering your business on Google+ Local?

    Thank you for your replies, Simon and Linda. I guess the best way to figure this one out is to do a little experiment. I'll register my business to Google+ Local and keep you posted with the results. Meanwhile, maybe some of you can tell us more on this issue. :confused:
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    Any downsides to registering your business on Google+ Local?

    Presuming the following scenario: 1. We have an online store that sells wine and delivers it all across the US. 2. The online store also features a local store with a showroom in NYC. Is it better to register a store, as the one described above, on Google+ Local or should I just create a...