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  1. Keenan Glass

    Incorrect Pin Marker on Map at Google MyBusiness Page

    I used to live right down the street so I know that area very well. Still remember shooting fireworks in the field next to business just couple of years ago, good times. If the marker is showing correctly inside the GMB Dashboard when you open the address edit section, then making the edit...
  2. Keenan Glass

    Incorrect Pin Marker on Map at Google MyBusiness Page

    Commercial locations that are open to the public and staffed during business hours are not required to select the option to hide their address. Google may at their own discretion choose to override those settings. ---------- Post Merged at 08:03 PM ---------- Previous Post was at 08:01 PM...
  3. Keenan Glass

    Google "My Business" Launches! Goodbye Places for Business! HUGE Google Update!

    re: Google "My Business" Launches! Goodbye Places for Business! HUGE Google Update! I think there might be some confusion for some who are creating a new G+ page and arrive on the new start page. (see below) Lawyers are service-area businesses? Hmmm... didn't know that, must be new. Anyway...
  4. Keenan Glass

    Google + local page and home address issue

    I would use the home address for the local directories. And update the ones that show 90001.
  5. Keenan Glass

    Exciting Google Review News - Reviews in the Knowledge Panel

    Or not so great if you suck at what you do or are under attack
  6. Keenan Glass

    tagline on Google+ Local page?

    What a trip. We should get a pool going and place bets to see what happens. A) Tagline cannot be saved B) Saved but does not appear on Live page C) Appears on Live page but only visible on Tablet D) Appears on Live page in desktop Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Keenan Glass

    How Do We Create NEW Google Places Listings in 2014?

    Travis - is the pending listing live on Google Maps? I don't really think that you received bad advice from the Places Support rep. The interface for adding and verifying a listing through the Old Dashboard doesn't take you through the new workflow and pipeline. The verification process for...
  8. Keenan Glass

    tagline on Google+ Local page?

    Alex - you mean that you see a similar layout using the Google Places for Business App? It appears this user is logged in to the management dashboard and not viewing a public page. Kaleh - yes, I was commenting in another thread. If a user leaves the Tagline blank on a Company or Brand page...
  9. Keenan Glass

    Brand pg vs Local page

    A Places Listing (that has yet to be upgraded with G+) is fairly easy to identify. There is a big Map for the cover photo. A verified Local G+ Page is fairly easy to identify. There's a verified checkmark next to the profile image. If you hover over it, it will show Verified Local Business...
  10. Keenan Glass

    New Look to Google SERPS?

    Recent posts in KP is not that new or a part of this design and layout update. Title tags have always shown various character lengths across browsers. If you ask me this has everything to do with driving more Adwords clicks. By changing up the look of the top PPC ads, users may be more...
  11. Keenan Glass

    Google + business listing tanking...what would you do???

    Your listing has dropped 3 places for every kw search that it was ranking for?
  12. Keenan Glass

    Google plus local - added keyword, but now does NAP hurt me?

    I don't see the change on the live page, did you change it back? Are you wanting to rank higher for local search terms that include the term "construction?"
  13. Keenan Glass

    tagline on Google+ Local page?

    That is a screenshot from a tablet, correct? Do you know what kind? What app?
  14. Keenan Glass

    Site dropped 45 places in Google Maps overnight. What gives?

    Strategies can vary depending on which Dashboard is currently in use. Screenshots help us to quickly "see" what is going on.
  15. Keenan Glass

    Site dropped 45 places in Google Maps overnight. What gives?

    If you ask me (which you did not), I would say that you cannot set up two separate listings. A gym and a personal trainer at the same location is really just one business that offers additional services. There should just be one business.
  16. Keenan Glass

    Do Specific Location landing Pages make the difference?

    In the days of yesteryear, it worked fine to duplicate the page and change the location. These days, I suggest the content should be really be unique for each page. I never have quite reconciled how to manage the content for 12 different services over 12 suburban locations. Are you guys...
  17. Keenan Glass

    Question Re G+Local Listing Business Name

    The restriction in G+ doesn't affect the Places Listing. It just means the page won't be upgraded to include the social features of G+. I think the problem with getting the name updated on the live page is completely unrelated. You could check the record in MM to see if it is included as an...
  18. Keenan Glass

    Google Attempting to Rectify Dual Claimed Local Listing Problems w Email Warnings

    Linda - I think the suggestion that you should Edit/Submit (poke) is simply for those on the old dashboard, basically outdated. I am concerned that there are two separate issues that might be getting confused or fused together in this thread. Issue 1 - dual claimed accounts with one account...