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    Unable to Verify Knowledge?

    Hi Folks I am unable to verify my knowledge panel. I try to verify it through the search console. I receive the following message: Couldn't verify you. Make sure you're using the correct account for the site/profile you're signing in to. Any ideas on what to do next? thanks
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    Why My Business doesn't have a knowledge panel?

    This is a very basic question, i have claimed my GMB that appears when i search for my company. Take a company like Mcdonalds, they have a knowledge panel. Does ones company have to become a certain size or be a well known brand name before google recognizes it should have its own knowledge...
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    GMB - Two businesses at one address

    Hi I have an issue where two GMB listings are located at the same address. There is only one business registered and verified at this address. Is the recommended action to contact google support via email or phone to explain the situation that i would like to remove the other GMB listing?
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    Does my GMB short name have to match the business name for my listing to be optimised?

    I would like to abbreviate my shortname for my GMB listing. For example the name of the business is "PJ Solicitors Ltd". Could i change the short name to PJ Solicitors " excluding Ltd. thanks
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    Removing My GMB listing

    Hi I would like to remove a GMB listing that i setup for my company. The business hasn't moved or closed down i would simply just like to remove it from google search and maps. What option in GMB do i choose to remove the listing. I don't want someone to google the business name in the...
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    Building Citations to a webpage

    How to i build citations to a webpage that has got two different NAP's and phone numbers?
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    GMBs have the same NAP

    Hi Folks What is the latest do's and dont's on having two GMB listings registered to the same address (NAP). thanks
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    How to list a mobile business that doesn't have a fixed address

    Hi How would one create a GMB listing for a riverboat restaurant that doesn't have an address?
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    Change in GMB Business name for lawyers industry

    Hi When auditing citations in the law industry, does it make a difference in regards to ranking in the local three pack to have the keyword "solicitors" or "lawyers" in the business name.
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    Possible conflict of building duplicate citations

    Hi I have a client who has two separate companies registered at the same address (NAP). My goal is to build citations to one the companies at this address. I assume there would be a conflict with duplicate citations? What is the best way to proceed with building citations? thanks
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    Auto Fill Form Chrome Extension

    Hi Can anyone suggest an auto form filler chrome extention when building citations? Basically i am looking for a chrome extention that allows you to autofill the NAP etc for citations? thanks
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    The Future of GMB

    Hi I would be interested to know peoples thoughts about the future of GMB, do people see it as a google product that evolves over time adapting to voice search and alike. I think it is a great product. thanks Ollie
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    GMB Listings for multiple locations

    Hi I am working with a business who has three office locations they each have their own GMB listing. They currently have a separate landing page for each office location. Should the URL for each GMB listing point to the homepage or that location specific landing page? thanks
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    GMB Categories: How many should I have?

    How many GMB categories should i add to each listing?
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    GMB Local Keyword Ranking Tool

    I have used Darrens Whitespark keywork ranking tool in the past, are there any other ways of tracking local keywords. I currently use bright local however this is abit limited. thanks ollie
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    What GMB Categories To Choose in 2019?

    Hi I work for a full service digital marketing agency and i would be interested in the thoughts of the primary category i should choose for the GMB listing. thanks
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    Local Search Check list for 2019

    Hi Guys, I am listing ongoing actions to be taken for my b2b website regarding local search in 2019. If there is anything missing or you disagree feel free to add your comments to the thread. Update GMB listing and Google maps @JoyHawkins @Phil Rozek GMB Posts (Is there a real ROI?) Audit...
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    DM Agencies - Local Search Marketing in 2019

    Hi Guys, I would be interested in peoples feedback for local search marketing actions to be taken in 2019. We have seen the evolution of Google places to GMB, link building, reviews and alike in recent years. Are there any recent articles/resources backed up with data as to why businesses...
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    GMB Company Name Recognition

    Hi Is Google intelligent enough to recognise for example that John Smith Dentist Ltd and John Smith Dentist Limited are the same company? If some citations use Ltd and other citations use Limited will GMB mark you down as i know the NAP has to be consistant? thanks
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    Company GMB listing has been claimed by a third party

    Hi Guys, Looking at a GMB listing it has been claimed without permission from the company. Two questions? One Are GMB listings created automatically by Google or does a human have to generate the GMB listing manually. Two What is the latest recommended procedure to tell Google when a third...