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  1. RuggedSEO

    A Business Offering Discounts If You Give Them a 5 Star Review

    My client (tourist attraction) went to play a game at a competitors facility the other day after hearing a rumor that they were violating Google's ToS. Sure enough, same thing happened with him and his group. After the game, the business owners said they would give him a discount or a raffle...
  2. RuggedSEO

    Searching for an automated reviews scanner for my website

    Anyone know where I can find one of these unicorns? I tried contacting places like Grade(dot)us which have them on their websites but of course they want me to subscribe to a larger package. It's not available stand alone. These widgets should be available, I've just not found one yet. Any...
  3. RuggedSEO

    Did "Hawk" actually reverse the impact of "Possum"? Not being found in the snack pack

    Did "Hawk" actually reverse the impact of "Possum"? Not being found in the snack pack A little frustrated here. Trying to help a new client rank for a local term: escape room (cityname). I breathed some life into their social accounts, redesigned their website and optimized it as much as...
  4. RuggedSEO

    How to create intro/bio/story on GMB page in 2016?

    Anyone know how to edit or create a new introduction/bio in Google My Business. I used to just sign into GMB, manage the business and edit the bio but I can't see that option anymore. There's all the usual options (see screenshot) but no "bio" or "intro" anymore. From this screenshot you...
  5. RuggedSEO

    New Google+ Redesign - Where have the "Pages" gone to?

    I'm fumbling my way through the new Google+ Local redesign and can't seem to find where the other pages are which I manage. I manage a handful of business pages on Google+ but yeah.. can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to access them now? ;-)
  6. RuggedSEO

    1 website & 1 GMB page - found in multiple cities for local search results

    Hey Guys, Is it possible to rank in google local across multiple cities? I'm just starting up a small home biz (SEO) on the side and would like my site to rank not only in my hometown but a couple other cities which I want to focus on as well. I take it I need to create a page which has my home...