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    Google+ Business Page Merged w/ Map Listing...How?

    Recently made updates to a clients Google Places page (old dashboard). The changes were approved by Google and the listing is in active status. However when I go to check online see the listing, there is an unverified Google+ business page that has merged with it, so consequently there is...
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    Google+ Local and Google+ Business Page Not Merged

    I have a Google+ Local (Google Places) page and a Google+ Business page under the same account that are not merged. Both pages have the same reviews and same business description, but continue to be separate pages. One caveat to this is that the Places Page is also claimed under another...
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    No Star Rating on my Google+ Local Page

    I have a Google+ Local page that has 21 reviews, yet they page does not have a star rating being displayed. I know that a business has to have 5 reviews before the rating will display, so I know that is not the problem. Anyone else run into this problem before?
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    Google Places Dashboard Analytics for Local Carousel

    If your business does show in the Local Carousel, does that get counted as an impressions in the Google Places dashboard or do you have to actually click on the link in the carousel to refresh to the branded serp where the Google+ Local info shows?