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  1. Scott Rawlins

    NEW [New Feature] Black “Ad” Label Appears in 3-Pack on Desktop

    I still see the "green" ads. Several different searches didn't produce the "black" ad. But I agree, don't like that look. Kind of misleading.
  2. Scott Rawlins

    LocalU Advanced - Atlanta, GA March 25, 2019

    Mostly in Cumming, but we have an office downtown as well. Thankful I don't have to make that commute too often. #atlantatrafficistheworst
  3. Scott Rawlins

    Issues with Apple Maps Phone Verification

    Yep, going that route now. Thanks.
  4. Scott Rawlins

    Issues with Apple Maps Phone Verification

    Yep, all landlines. Just tried a couple more yesterday and for whatever reason, the call is not going through. And nothing to my cell either when I check to see if the call goes through.
  5. Scott Rawlins

    LocalU Advanced - Atlanta, GA March 25, 2019

    Finally! LOL In my home town, how could I not go.
  6. Scott Rawlins

    Issues with Apple Maps Phone Verification

    Is anyone else having issues with phone verification? Over the last week or so, I've requested the call for a few clients. They say they never get the calls. So I changed one of them to call my cell to see if I would get it and NADA. Anyone else seeing this?
  7. Scott Rawlins

    Google My Business Listings - Disappeared from our GMB login

    Looks like this may have been fixed. Mine are fixed. Anyone else seeing the same?
  8. Scott Rawlins

    PE Educator award

    Nice job @JoyHawkins! You deserve it!
  9. Scott Rawlins

    Multiple Practitioners at Law Firm

    You'll need to set up and verify the practitioners' listing separately. Just make sure that all 3 have a different primary cat. Then link to each lawyer's bio page or an About page.
  10. Scott Rawlins

    What Are the Best Examples You've Seen of Terrible Owner Responses to Reviews?

    Pretty bad indeed, but not the worst I've seen.
  11. Scott Rawlins

    No more email clue!

    Can we hold you to that? :p:p
  12. Scott Rawlins

    Deleting a GMB Profile

    No listing is ever completely removed, with a few exceptions (i.e. - death). When you remove it from your account, it simply will show as an unclaimed listing. For dupes, G will not merge 2 claimed listings. You need to change info on the one you want to remove to match the other listing...
  13. Scott Rawlins

    GMB verification prank call from Pubcon

    Too funny. Reminds me of the recording Linda got a few years ago.
  14. Scott Rawlins

    Service Areas and Physical Address

    Adding service areas will only change the G Map outline for SABs. The marker will still be displayed at the address of the brick and mortar location. It will not help locally ranking in those other cities.
  15. Scott Rawlins

    Agency Dashboard not updating?

    This could be related, but not sure. [GMB Bug Alert] Listings Not in GMB After Accepting Manager Invite - Local Search Forum
  16. Scott Rawlins

    Possible Bug Alert: Pagination Issue for Local Finder Results

    Yep, seeing the same thing for that search term with Atlanta added geo.
  17. Scott Rawlins

    Delivery Icons Appearing in the 3-Pack

    Yep, icons are back for the search I posted earlier. "Zaxbys Atlanta GA"
  18. Scott Rawlins

    Google Rankings Tool

    That's the best one I know of. But I believe there is a free trial with this one. Maybe that's what you recall.