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  1. Klaas Koopman

    Two GMB, but can only login to 1, both same address?

    Dear Local Search Specialists, Currently I have a double account somehow, when someone in the Netherlands Googles for my name. Instead of my main account, it shows a different account of which I have no memory of creating, but somehow it's there. I have clicked the 'feedback' and mentioned it...
  2. Klaas Koopman

    Local in other countries that are ?behind??

    Dear Local Specialists, I'm reading a lot on this forum about Local SEO and all the Google changes to Local SEO. But as you probably know, most of these get started in the US and then slowly finds it's way into Europe aswell. Most of my clients are Europe based and now I'm wondering: "How...
  3. Klaas Koopman

    After Conversion: Thank-you message or thank-you page?

    Hi Professionals! I'm research wether it's a good idea to use a thank-you page instead of a thank-you message after people fill in a contactform or make a payment or something. What do you all suggest and does anyone happen to have any statistics to back this up?
  4. Klaas Koopman

    Local + International Brand (not business name?)

    Hi All, It's been a while since I've been here, that's because it just was really busy over here. Now that I've got a bit more time, I want to get more involved into local search and ofcourse this forum! My situation; I'm trying to brand my own name, and ofcourse I want to jump in the serp's...
  5. Klaas Koopman

    Local SEO For Dentists... hard market right?

    Hi everyone, I've heard that local seo for dentists, in Amerika for example, is quite competitive. And because I want to test and proof myself in one of the more competitive markets, I thought, why not start with dentists in my country? What I don't understand is, why aren't the dentists in my...