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    Vitals and WebMD Issues

    I have a doctor who is trying to update / claim / and fix outdated information on these two websites and we can not get anywhere...even after emailing support. Right now when you try to claim your profile on vitals you go to a 404 error page every time...been that way for weeks if not months...
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    Doctor / Practice Listing Management Q

    Is there anything out there that makes it easier to claim/update doctor and clinic profiles on websites like healthgrades, vitals, ratemds, etc. All I know about is and they are too expensive and run you into a contract I think at $300?
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    Glitch with accepting access to GMB listing

    happened yesterday. someone else said it happened to them. had client send manager request to my email, went to click [accept] and nothing happens. Tried browsers, etc. Some kind of glitch.
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    Reviews Not Showing Properly

    Maybe I missed a thread or an update - but recently - google is not displaying all of the reviews for businesses. Not just businesses I work with, but random ones I've checked. Here is a couple screenshots showing the glitch? Companies with 100+ reviews, only show maybe top 10? and then you...
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    Why Is This Website Not Showing Up In The Pack?

    Hair Salon St. Petersburg - Salon 8410 Local hair salon in St. Petersburg, Florida. Target kw = "hair salon st. petersburg" and similar Only issue I see is the description in the listing mentioning St. Pete twice. A little...
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    Same Listing Twice in Same Account?

    Came across this today for a client I'm working on fixing his listings. It's a service business, with multiple locations that don't exist and address is showing for all of them, and yadda yadda. Luckily, all the listings are in one account, but I've encountered the (attached image) situation...
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    Google Places Help - Client in Master GP Account

    I'm looking for some advice on a current situation I have with a client. - He has an existing google place business page - ranking great w/a lot of reviews - however it was set up a long time ago on an email account that we have access to, but it has multiple other clients on it as well. - The...
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    Google+ Profile Question

    Background Client has an existing google local page, ranking great, created under google local places. Email used to create the account holds many 'other' business accounts under it. Question 1 - Is it OK to create a google+ personal profile under a different email, set it up, and than link...