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  1. Pinkape404

    Domain Name Mishap

    Got a quick question about domain names; if I used and then found out that (singular instead of the plural domains) already exists but in a different state, city, etc. how do you think this will at out with google? Ps - I'm using the above domain as an example.
  2. Pinkape404

    Livid over yelp - I'll take three advils please!

    Guys sorry to take up otherwise valuable thread space, but I need to gripe. I got signed up for the yelp service. The sales guy conveniently forgot to mention there is a penalty for canceling the add campaign. I've had dozens of conversations to no avail but at the end of the day I got some...
  3. Pinkape404

    Looking for Some general SEO Framework to follow

    Guys, I am looking around online to find some general SEO guide, a Best Practices approach if you want to call it. I am planning to build out my company website over the summer and hire a specialist. My issue is that despite the sea of information out there and the number of so called...
  4. Pinkape404

    Press Release Summary of Submission Sources

    I came across this article which aims to summarize some paid and non paid press release sources around the web. It was helpful for me and hope it does same for you. The Best Paid and Free Press Release Sites - Mequoda Daily With that said - I can't not help but to quote Ron Burgundy when he...
  5. Pinkape404

    The Duality of online Reviews

    I am generally new to the field of SEO and my way here was one of self education for my own business ventures which lead to helping a few friends, then a few more, and more or less is a glorified hobby. One of my current projects is a pest control business which does a fair amount of Bed Bug...
  6. Pinkape404

    Blogs, links, and Keywords - Do they matter?

    I am sure this issue has been beaten to death, but a few more kicks might save me or future readers some time otherwise spent doing more meaningful work. So here is my question - is there a guide or framework - the "best practices" approach if you will that one can use as a reference in...
  7. Pinkape404

    Infogroup or Moz - my urls are not showing up - unclaimed listing

    Guys so I am a bit of a novice - but as I understood services like infogroup express update or mozlocal "should" theoretically submit the clients profile - that would include url and pictures etc?! I am not naive but I have a submission now that is showing up as live and upon checking the links...
  8. Pinkape404

    Smart Spending for Effective Results

    Hey All, I have a dilemma of sorts and was hoping to get some objective feedback so that I can use it to add to other factors in making a well informed business decission. Do I pay a marketing company for local seo or allocate those funds to hire freelancers and manage the show on my own? I...