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    New virtual office

    Hi everyone One of my clients is in the process of obtaining a new virtual address for his business. One of the addresses that he is currently looking at, happens to have a few different business listings that pop up on organic search results when the addressed is enter in the search criteria...
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    Keyword Tracking Reports

    I'm curious if anyone is supplying them to their clients. We use BrightLocal and track 100 city+service keywords, I have mixed feelings on this because the client tends to get hung up on the keyword if it's not ranking. Meanwhile they are getting a good amount of traffic from the long tail and...
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    Replacing an existing domain from a Google Places Account

    Hi My question pertains to a google places account. Currently this particular client ranks on Spot G in google maps (Page One) That being said, if We were to replace the existing domain within the google places account, with a brand new domain with no authority, would that cause them to drop...
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    Any ideas why this page won't rank for 1800 Anytyme Reviews

    Been three months just can't get this page to rank, any ideas 1800Anytyme reviews - Vista, CA Dean
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    2 Business Entities Operating out of the same location. Is it Bad?

    Is it against Google maps regulations for 2 different business entities to operate out of the same location/physical address? Would it penalize either one of the businesses? Thanks
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    Multiple Google+ Business pages under one profile

    My client has 5 legitimate business locations. Not sure if creating 5 google+ business pages under on google+ profile would be adequate. Will this have a negative impact?