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    Already reported this PBN, but cant break them

    I have reported a PBN i had discovered to Google approx 6 months ago. This marketing company currently ranks all their clients in the map pack using paid link advertisements on their PBN network. Its very obvious. I am in the process of performing DNS A record traces to identify the IP's of...
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    Needing some help identifying this pbn before I report to Google need confirmation fr

    Been trying to get my client ranked in one particular City that he is located in and cannot beat out the top 3 competitors due to them being listed in a large pbn Network. SEO company in the city has his top 3 clients ranked in the map pack. Admin please advise whether or not allowed to post...
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    GMB has correct zip, but not maps or search. HELP!

    I have tried changing the address and changing it back not to mention changing the ZIP code several times. I have made map edits from my account and from others still pending. As well as contacted Google my business on Twitter. Anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions?
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    Google GMB acting weird.

    I have an HVAC client who is right on the cusp of Landing in the map pack for about all of his terms. His position in maps stays at its current position until I go to change the GMB categories. When placing him as HVAC contractor as the main categories and then setting furnace repair service...
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    GMB unable to save category order.

    I find this really strange I can set the category sort under GMB and then they will not save in the order that I save them in. I have one category that I need to bring up higher but everytime I do it goes right back down to the bottom. Tried it both through the mobile app and desktop.
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    Major Map Pack Movement in both FL and WA for HVAC and Home Imprv. Keywords 9/20/16

    Anyone else notice some severe movement in the map pack? I noticed it this morning. I have one new HVAC in WA client who I am still auditing the disavow list and cleaning citations for, that dropped to the bottom on map pack pretty much across the board. Might I also mention this client had...
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    Is anyone noticing this or is it just me. Input Please.

    1st time poster. I was wanting to get some current up to date input. I have noticed that on mobile. Google maps is giving me 2-3 local by location and then the rest are generalized by geo. understandable. But when it comes to desktop, specifically the snack pack, I want to say the...