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  1. Colan Nielsen

    NEW [New Feature] Black “Ad” Label Appears in 3-Pack on Desktop

    Glenn Gabe tweeted yesterday that he is now seeing the black "Ad" label appearing in 3-pack ads. Glenn said "I feel bad for the local businesses out there. I first thought there were 4 listings in the local pack... Nope, the black ad label just blends right in. Wow." I couldn't agree more it...
  2. Colan Nielsen

    Announcing "Social Poster" from Citation Builder Pro

    We are happy to announce a new feature from Citation Builder Pro called "Social Poster". Now you can instantly re-post a GMB post on social sites like Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Wordpress & blogger. Here is a short video. In the coming week they are adding a few more sites like Facebook...
  3. Colan Nielsen

    Google Now Displaying "Place Topics" on Desktop

    "Place Topics" are now displaying on desktop. Courtesy of Mike Blumenthal, who first posted about this on the GatherUp blog in July.
  4. Colan Nielsen

    [GMB Bug Alert] Listings Not in GMB After Accepting Manager Invite

    There seems to be a bug right now affecting users when they accept an invite to manager a GMB page. The invite seems to be accepted but the listing does not appear in the dashboard. We're asking Google for confirmation on whether this is a bug or something else. Is anyone experiencing this?
  5. Colan Nielsen

    Possible Bug Alert: Pagination Issue for Local Finder Results

    Mark Kabana recently brought a possible bug with the local finder to our attention. It seems that Google has removed the option to scroll to the next page in the Local Finder. Here's what it should look like: And now it is missing: Anyone else (not) seeing this?
  6. Colan Nielsen

    Launch: GMB Removing Remaining Distance-based Service Areas

    Google My Business announced that it has started the process of removing remaining service areas that were based on distance.
  7. Colan Nielsen

    *New* Google My Business Management Service from Whitespark

    Whitespark has a new monthly Google My Business Management Service that helps businesses take their GMB listing to the next level, gain a competitive edge, stand out in search results, and increase listing engagement. You work one-on-one with a dedicated project manager who manages your GMB...
  8. Colan Nielsen

    New Local SEO Audit From Garrett Smith & InboundMD

    Hi Everyone, this is our second installment of our promoted posts series. I wanted to introduce you to Local SEO Audits by InboundMD. What I love about this particular audit is that it's not a cookie cutter automated audit that you typically find in the market. In less than 10 days you receive...
  9. Colan Nielsen

    Conversions From DuckDuckGo Are on the Rise

    I've been observing conversions coming from DuckDuckGo for several websites over the last few months. I know the search engine is gaining in usage but I am trying to figure out more about why we are seeing this trend. Does anyone see the same pattern with websites you work on? Do you use...
  10. Colan Nielsen

    [Missing Data Alert] Knowledge Panel Seems to Have Removed Physical City Data

    We are checking some listings this morning and noticed that Google has removed the data that would show up below the reviews in the KP that identified the physical city that a business is located in. Here's what it looks like for non-SAB's currently and what it used to look like for SAB's as...
  11. Colan Nielsen

    [Examples Needed] GMB Support Offering Ranking Advice

    I'm seeing more and more cases where Google My Business support reps offer users ranking advice. Here's a couple recent examples - GMB "Advanced Information" Labels? - Local Search Forum Curious, what ranking advice has GMB support given you in the past?
  12. Colan Nielsen

    Which Local Citation Sources Let You Specify a Service Area?

    Excellent post from Phil. Very insightful and timely given the recent changes to SAB's in GMB. Which Local Citation Sources Let You Specify a Service Area? |
  13. Colan Nielsen

    Anyone Used Nacho Analytics?

    I had someone recently ask me about Nacho Analytics Has anybody used it before? Was it useful? Skeptical of how accurate their estimates of competitor traffic are (I assume it’s based on an estimate). Is there any data that is unique to this tool that you can't get from ahrefs or SEMRush?
  14. Colan Nielsen

    Google Adding Front-End GMB Editor to Maps

    Anyone else seeing this new feature? I can't seem to replicate yet.
  15. Colan Nielsen

    New layouts expanding for mobile local finder?

    Anyone else seeing this expanded layout in the local finder on mobile?
  16. Colan Nielsen

    Image Thumbnails on Mobile: How To Get Them (Awesome Tips)

    Mike Blumenthal posted an amazing blog today where he goes into his observations about these image thumbnails that we are seeing more of in the mobile SERP's. Our team has been wondering how to get them to show for our clients and Mike has now answered that question for us! Local Mobile Image...
  17. Colan Nielsen

    New Feature: Manually Add "Located In" to a GMB Listing

    Just noticed that you can now manually add a "Located In" directly to a GMB listing. Previously, contacting GMB support was the only way to do this. Time to test it out. Has anyone else seen this?
  18. Colan Nielsen

    BBB Live Chat Feature

    I'm seeing a live chat feature on BBB today. Seems super useful although I haven't checked the quality and usefulness as of yet. Anyone else seeing this feature? Have you tried it out?
  19. Colan Nielsen

    Please Welcome our New Sponsor - WhiteSpark

    I'm excited to announce that the Local Search Forum has a new sponsor. Whitespark is owned by the well-known Darren Shaw and offers an entire suite of tools and services including one of the most affordable manual Local Search audits in the industry. While most automated auditing software can...
  20. Colan Nielsen

    Algorithm Update - Sept 8 to 11

    Anyone else seeing impacts from this reported algo update that seems to have taken place from September 8th to September 11? Would love to see some examples. We are seeing some interesting ranking increases and drops around September 9th and 10th on both the organic and local side. One...