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    News Section at Top of Organic Search?

    Hey guys. Just noticed this new section at the top of Google on certain KW searches. Where is Google pulling these bios from? Some of these "executives" are not on those company websites.
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    Star Ratings Difference?

    Hey guys. We have a client asking why their Google Star rating and number of Reviews in one of their Ads that is showing up in the Map is different from their Star rating and number of Reviews in their Knowledge Graph. Is this because of a lag in Google's AI/Algorithm that hasn't updated the...
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    No Reviews & No Website on the MAP?

    Guys what the great Googley moogly is going on? Many businesses with no reviews and no website, and some with KW spam in their "business name", showing up on the Map constantly. I don't get it. One example . . . Thoughts?
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    How Does Google Calculate Call Only Ad Charges?

    Hey guys. What determines when a charge is made against a Call Only Ads budget? Is it "Impressions"? "Clicks"? How are the costs calculated? Thanks for your help!
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    Google Reviews Not Showing Up for our Client

    Hey guys, one of our client's informed me that several of their customers have told them that they have left 5 Star Google reviews in the past couple of weeks, but they are not showing up. The most recent ones are from over 2 months ago. What would be some of the reasons they aren't? Thanks in...
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    Customer Journey Tools

    We have a client who would like to track not only where his site visitors go within his site after landing on it, but also track where they go after leaving his site. Are there any "customer journey" tools out there that you all would recommend? Thanks! :)