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  1. Scott Rawlins

    Issues with Apple Maps Phone Verification

    Is anyone else having issues with phone verification? Over the last week or so, I've requested the call for a few clients. They say they never get the calls. So I changed one of them to call my cell to see if I would get it and NADA. Anyone else seeing this?
  2. Scott Rawlins

    Google Posts and 404 Error

    Can't post for any clients right now. Getting the 404 error for any of them I try. Hopefully, just a temporary glitch, but was fine on Friday. Anyone else seeing the same thing?
  3. Scott Rawlins

    GMB Suspensions Today

    I'm seeing a lot of people today post in the GMB forum about suspensions. I actually have 2 clients that have a soft suspension just today. I know both are in full compliance with the exception of the url still being http. I changed to https and double checked EVERYTHING to ensure they both are...
  4. Scott Rawlins

    Google Posts - Longer Descriptions?

    Just noticed today that Google Posts content went from 100-300 to max of 1,500 words/characters. Anyone else noticing the same? If so, are you using the max or simply keep it short and sweet?
  5. Scott Rawlins

    Disappearing Reviews

    Anyone else seeing the number of reviews has gone down for clients? Had a client contact me about it. Just yesterday, the listing had 71 reviews and today, down to 58. However, in the dash, it still has 71 reviews. Bug I hope?
  6. Scott Rawlins

    Linda Buquet - The Search Community Honors You

    I thought this was worth sharing. Thanks to Colan for nominating our fearless leader. And thank you Linda for all you have done, are doing and continuing to do for all of us. Linda Buquet - The Search Community Honors You
  7. Scott Rawlins

    Write a Review Button Not Showing on KG?

    This is a first for me. A friend of mine was asking me about it and I have no idea why the Write a Review button isn't showing even though they currently have 2 reviews. The listing was verified 3 days ago. Thoughts?
  8. Scott Rawlins

    G+ Review Counter Being Off

    Has anyone else noticed that the number of reviews being display does not match the actual number of reviews showing? I have noticed it this morning for several listings that I have that they are not matching. G temporary bug? I think we've seen this issue before, but don't recall what the...
  9. Scott Rawlins

    Bing Listings No Longer Showing Descriptions

    Just happened to be working on a client's Bing listing and got the notification that they are no longer showing the description because "users don't want to see the description". Or something to that effect. Any one else seeing this for your Bing listings?
  10. Scott Rawlins

    New Dentist, New Site, Same Address, Phone and Staff

    I have a new dental client that has purchased an existing practice. The name will change (only slightly) and the site will change. Same phone, address and existing support staff will remain. For G+ and other citations, update existing listings or mark as closed and create new ones. Thoughts?
  11. Scott Rawlins

    Ranking Old Urls After 6 Months

    I 'm hoping someone can help me with this. We have run into this a few times in the last couple months. The situation is that we have businesses coming to us that had websites that ranked decently in search but their website design was dated so they rebuilt the website. The company they hire...
  12. Scott Rawlins

    Bing Local Bulk Upload & Multi Locations

    I am not very familiar with bulk uploads in the first place, let alone with Bing. I have a client with multiple locations across the US and need to add them to Bing Local. So far, there are about 60+ locations with more to come. I see this help page from Bing and think I know how to add new...
  13. Scott Rawlins

    RIP Google+ Local Search - More Changes

    EDIT BY LINDA: This thread was split off from a thread on another topic. Gave this one a new thread so the 2 topics would not get mixed up and so could have a more relevant title. ORIGINAL THREAD: <a...
  14. Scott Rawlins

    Business Moving to Temporary Address

    I have an interesting situation I haven't encountered before and need a little help with this one. A client is currently constructing a new building. They will be moving into a temporary office until about September. Of course we will make this temporary move evident on their site and social...
  15. Scott Rawlins

    Update Existing Citations or Create New?

    Need some confirmation. I have a potential dental client. He has been a single practitioner for many years and his current url is He has recently added a new dentist and is rebranding to a practice name with a new site. Of course, his G+ page and all citations are for him...
  16. Scott Rawlins

    Photos in Dash Not Showing on Listing

    I've noticed over last week or so that for a few of my clients that I recently handled, the pics that are in the dash are simply not showing on the live listing? Not just 1 or 2 not showing, none of the newly uploaded pics are showing. It's been a few days or more, but still no pics. I could've...
  17. Scott Rawlins

    Classic Maps Going Away

    Looks like Classic Maps is going away soon with the upgrade to Google My Maps. Received this email today. I will be sad to see Classic Maps go away.:(
  18. Scott Rawlins

    Why Do Follow-up Work on Citations?

    Yet another great article by Phil Rozek. Some good points in there.
  19. Scott Rawlins

    Citation Services Comparison

    There have been a lot of questions about citation services and which one people prefer. Myles Anderson posted article he wrote comparing 5 well known services. Local Citation Services Compared Head over to read the rest and let us know your thoughts. Which one(s) do you use? Thanks for...
  20. Scott Rawlins

    Address - Different for Google and USPS

    I have an interesting dilemma that I have not run across before. I'm hoping maybe some others have run across this and can help. A client has an address on their site and most, if not all, directories as Highway 42. However, Google only sees it as Georgia 42 (yep, they're in GA) and does not...