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  1. hajnasiewicz

    Prompted to Reverify Locations after accepting suggested edits

    I have a weekly routine to review our 180 locations in GMB to make sure we have no prompts for action. Today about half of our locations have suggested edits. I accepted all of them then immediately following I'm prompted to go through the reverification process for So lame...
  2. hajnasiewicz

    Google Ads training opportunities

    It appears that 2020 will bring some great new opportunities to round out my skills. New to me will be Paid Ads, of which I have zero experience. Can anyone recommend training programs, online or travel to destination. Highly endorsed, best in class training.... Thank you.
  3. hajnasiewicz

    2020 Events

    Looking for a list of the "must attend" conferences 2020.
  4. hajnasiewicz

    Linking to a non https website

    we have a vendor that asked us to link to their website but its not https. I hate for our website visitors to select the link and then get the scary Privacy Error pop up in chrome indicating "Your connection is not private, attackers might be trying to steal your information from this domain...
  5. hajnasiewicz

    SERP Influencers

    Help! Anyone know how I can influence SERPs to display our Mobile Apps as illustrated below:
  6. hajnasiewicz

    Google Posts: Reporting Views & Clicks

    Does anyone know of a method to download Views and Clicks for multiple locations? Thank you.
  7. hajnasiewicz

    5/30/2019 Launch: Popular Dishes on Google Maps

    Can this only be administered on mobile? "Popular dishes for restaurants can be seen in the Business Profiles on Google Maps on the Android app. Business owners, managers, and customers can add and name dishes on the Business Profile through Maps. Dishes names added by owners will get...
  8. hajnasiewicz

    1st Generation SEO

    What is considered a "1st Generation SEO" ? Does this describe someone who has been in the business for a lengthy period of time?
  9. hajnasiewicz

    Suggest an edit · Manage this listing

    I'm seeing Suggest an edit · Manage this listing in several of my business profiles. All of our listings are claimed, I double checked our GMB accounts and no issues there. Why would this occur? More importantly how do we remove the prompt for Manage this listing? Thank you.
  10. hajnasiewicz

    2019 MNSearch Summit

    June 21 in St Paul MN, hope to see you there! 2019 MnSearch Summit
  11. hajnasiewicz

    Edit and Re-Publish Past Google Post

    I didn't realize this was possible until today, I can edit an expired Google Post and republish it. Yay!
  12. hajnasiewicz

    Linked Accounts

    Hi, I noticed today that one of our Linked accounts is no longer linked across our GMB accounts. Is this a known issue? Has anyone else noticed the same? AND now I see when I try to add the email address I get a message indicated that the user has already been invited. So now I wonder if...
  13. hajnasiewicz

    Google Reviews Monitoring

    Hi, can anyone recommend tools for monitoring Google reviews for chain business (200 locations). I'm looking for a tool to help drive efficiencies into the review management process. Thank you.
  14. hajnasiewicz

    GMB Product Catalog on Desktop

    Just announced, the Product Catalog is now visible on desktop business profiles: Launch: Product Catalog in the Business Profile on desktop Search - Google My Business Help and more here About Product Editor & Product Catalog - Google My Business Help
  15. hajnasiewicz

    GSC discontinues support for Mobile Apps end of the month (March 31, 2019)

    As mobile apps are removed from our GSC accounts and into Firebase, what impact if any will this have on SEO and SEO processes? I am searching now to determine if I need a Role/Permissions established at Firebase, I suspect that this will be true. I appreciate any input on this subject. Thank...
  16. hajnasiewicz

    Events Administration

    How do we execute on Events in the Knowledge Panel? Not "Posts > Events" but upcoming Events. Is this schema markup exclusively or vendor tools or something in GMB I just don't see.... ? Thank you.
  17. hajnasiewicz

    In Maps: +Follow

    Does anyone know if the capability exists for me to learn how many folks have selected +Follow for my businesses in Google Maps? Thank you.
  18. hajnasiewicz

    Grocery: Private Label Brands

    Is there any reason why I could not set up GMB SAB accounts for our Private Label brand grocery products? Thank you.
  19. hajnasiewicz

    Google Assistant Calls - manually opt out

    After having manually deselected the opt-in checkbox at GMB Info page for Google Assistant Calls for approx 200 locations I notice last week, today if find all my work for nothing. Every location is opted in again. Bulk listings and this field is not included in the download/upload file. Any...
  20. hajnasiewicz

    Presenting Google My Business... offline???

    Not sure where to post this inquiry but thought I'd reach out to you all here for advise. I have been in attendance at many presentations of many of the names here at Local Search Forum on topics relating to Local Search, Google My Business, SEO and other similar topics. Now it is my turn, I...