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  1. Phil Rozek

    Business with Alternative Names - GMB profile options?

    @HoosierBuff, Google's unlikely to remove that alternate name, partly because competitors are unlikely to try to edit it out. (It's not a "keyword," exactly.) So in that sense your plan probably will work. The trouble is "Skate Great" isn't very distinct, and it may still be hard for Google...
  2. Phil Rozek

    Does Google My Business prioritize reviews from Local Guides over other users?

    @ashley.smith, not that I've seen. Local Guides' reviews always show up chronologically when you sort by "Newest." Except in this case, I guess. Any chance you can provide a link?
  3. Phil Rozek

    GMB Insights & Local SEO Reports

    @IanJohnson, it depends on the client (of course), but I'd focus on contact-form completions that redirect the visitor to a thank-you page.
  4. Phil Rozek

    GMB Insights & Local SEO Reports

    @IanJohnson, I've found the Search Console area in Google Analytics to be a goldmine of data on the kinds of metrics clients care about (and that I don't consider a waste of time). In Analytics, go to Acquisition -> Search Console -> Landing Pages. You'll need to sync GA and GSC for a given...
  5. Phil Rozek

    Reviews in KP only shows the review & not the stars?

    @raellovepie, I don't think the review stars ever did show up next to the review snippets. Of course, if you pull up those reviewers' reviews you'll see the individual star ratings. Only the business's average rating (based on all Google reviews) shows up in the KP. In some cases - like for...
  6. Phil Rozek

    GMB Posts - Promotional Offers

    @Equilibrium, yes to both.
  7. Phil Rozek

    Can a home based business list address on GMB?

    @Charles Jenkins, yes, you can list your home address on your GMB page. It does not need to specify a service area.
  8. Phil Rozek

    Tracking numbers for local service company

    @Ryanl, good advice from Darren, including that exception. It's good to have that directory-specific call-tracking number (in addition to other tracking) to determine whether the paid placement is good ROI. Can be, as Darren mentioned. Or it may be a waste. I once helped one of my attorney...
  9. Phil Rozek

    Tracking numbers for local service company

    @Ryanl, I wouldn't. Not so much because of rankings concerns, but because the conversion funnel is so messy. Most people will go to the site, rather than call the number on your HA or Yelp or other listing. Also, some people's searches may end on a review site, particularly on Yelp: they...
  10. Phil Rozek

    GMB Business Claiming Can't receive mail

    @Andy Eads, I suggest either: 1. Have the postcard sent to your (or someone else's) home. Once you complete the verification, remove the address from your GMB dashboard. (Yes, Google allows that these days.) You can always re-verify the page at the new address, once you can receive mail...
  11. Phil Rozek

    Yelp: Why new business isn't in Yelp site search?

    @Mindquest, yes, that review should help push the page through Yelp's GI tract. I've never seen any sandboxing-type effect in Yelp. How Yelp ranks pages is relatively straightforward. (It's mostly number of reviews + primary category + name of business.) The in-site search can be finicky...
  12. Phil Rozek

    GMB Services on Google Maps

    @eshad, yeah, it's always been that way. The setup on your end is fine. No idea why Google spits out all "services" as a "menu."
  13. Phil Rozek

    GMB Services on Google Maps

    @eshad, do you mean next to a link that says "Menu"?
  14. Phil Rozek

    Appointment URL crossed out

    @Ampere, it's fine to link to a "Contact Us" page. Doesn't have to be a third-party booking service, with an appointment scheduler. You'll probably need to continue the tug of war with Google, to make sure the appointment URL stays put. Several fields Google often auto-updates for no clear...
  15. Phil Rozek

    Shared Medical Office Suite

    @Equilibrium, the suite numbers aren't a solution, or a problem, because Google seems not to pay attention to suite numbers. Google may still suspend your page(s) if each sub-clinic isn't a distinct, separately incorporated / licensed clinic. For instance, if it's a med-spa that has a GMB page...
  16. Phil Rozek

    Google My Business Updates the Guidelines for Practitioners

    @JoyHawkins, nice find. Of course, Google doesn't make it clear what the difference is between someone with Colan's setup and, say, an insurance agent. (The insurance agent usually is part of a larger organization, is public-facing, and has his or her own client base.) I think you should...
  17. Phil Rozek

    Business not showing up in maps

    @AcmeMike, it sounds like you've both shown your address and specified a service area. In that case, your map pin can in fact still show up, even if you're a service-area business. (I've got a couple of clients with that setup.) Do you see the map pin in the knowledge panel (in the Maps...
  18. Phil Rozek

    How do you optimize for a specific kw please?

    1. Create an in-depth page on each of those specific services. 2. Add to your homepage a blurb (or more) on each service. 3. Link to those service-specific pages on your homepage, in the main nav, on a main "Our Services" page, maybe on an "Areas Served" page, on any "city" pages, and maybe in...
  19. Phil Rozek

    Business not showing up in maps

    1. Are you searching for the name of the business, or for a term for which you want to rank? 2. Is the problem that your Google My Business page doesn't show up in the sidebar, or that your map pin is not on the map?
  20. Phil Rozek

    Problems listing with some Citations

    @mikepcservice: you claim a listing that already exists.