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  1. eshad

    Keyword tracking for nearby towns

    Hi, I just want some clarification on keywords rankings... I am tracking generic and geo-targeted keywords, service + location (town) of the business, but do others monitor keywords of service + location of neighbouring town also? I can see using BrightLocals location viewer and the keyword...
  2. eshad

    GMB pinpoint not appearing

    Hi, For one of my clients the pinpoint marker of their business is not present on Google maps unless you type keywords for the business then they are displayed. I have spoken to Google help and they state the business does not receive enough views and clicks etc, which is why they will not...
  3. eshad

    Services disappeared from GMB website

    Hi everyone, Not sure whether anybody has noticed this, but I have a couple of clients that have websites created from within GMB. These websites used to display the services, which could be added from within the GMB dashboard, but these have now disappeared. Is anybody aware of a change by...
  4. eshad

    GMB Services on Google Maps

    Hi everyone, Is anyone else seeing a menu icon (with a knife a fork) in Google maps on mobile when you have added services to GMB... even if the business is not food related? In Google search on mobile it states services so it is fine. Many thanks Edward
  5. eshad

    GMB and Citations for SABs

    Hi there, I am aware this is a subject which appears often but I am just after some clarification and thoughts on how other interpret Google's guidelines. I am working with a client which is an SAB and they are adamant they do not want to display their home address. They can obviously set up a...
  6. eshad

    Seen a big drop in views on GMB insights?

    Hi everyone, I have recently seen a large drop in views in GMB insights across various business categories and wondered if anybody has seen the same? One client of mine was receiving around 150 - 200 views per day but within the space of 3 days this has collapse to around 15 - 20. When...
  7. eshad

    Reviews not showing for businesses for certain keywords in maps?

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure whether anybody else has come across this before but under a certain keyword in maps reviews are not displayed for businesses which do normally have reviews. The phrase I am typing is 'car body shop', but if I was to type 'car repair shop' the same businesses are...