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  1. CallumS

    June 2019 Core Update - What Are You Seeing?

    We are doing our weekly algo checks this morning so Marie will have the results published in newsletter by EOD
  2. CallumS

    June 2019 Core Update - What Are You Seeing?

    realistically nothing so far....
  3. CallumS

    Internal Linking - Do Main Menu Links Count?

    Generally links in menu's do not work as well - for good internal linking I would suggest using links in the body paragraph, keyword anchored, surrounded by relevant text - there have been some suggestions that G is better at understanding the context of links now, including internal links.
  4. CallumS

    Sudden organic drop after a year of stability

    Sounds like you are in heavy competition with your competitors. That said - Google also changes results all the time based upon hundreds of factors, some within your control, some not. I'd go with the kitchen sink approach where you do everything you can to make sure you are providing better...
  5. CallumS

    March Core Quality Update - March 12, 2019

    my two cents: E-A-T is a pretty broad 'macro' ranking factor that Google gets better at recognizing with each algorithm tweak. They have stated what they want YMYL sites and their content to be (expert, authoritative, and trustworthy) all of which matter to different degree's depending on the...
  6. CallumS

    March Core Quality Update - March 12, 2019

    Outside of the local space, we have seen a lot of our clients who have been working hard on improving signals that 'showcase' their E-A-T better see really great increases.
  7. CallumS

    AP mentions?

    Hi Jim, While we don't know, my theory is that, yes, it is helping ( or will help.) Off site mentions of the site should be getting picked up by Google as it populates your business into the knowledge graph as part of entity understanding. Gary Illyes mentioned in a recent AMA that brand name...
  8. CallumS

    Accepting guest blog posts

    We get multiple emails on a daily basis offering us guest posted content. I barely look at the anymore and never accept. Do you recognize who the person writing the article is? Is it content that you could write yourself? Is it even directly relevant to your site? Sometimes guest posting is...
  9. CallumS

    Popular SEO Beliefs That Make No Sense At All

    Pretty interesting take on where the state of AI/ML capabilities are today. being able to realize concepts from 3-4 decades ago seems like a long time, but you the link in the chain re. Moore's law by not saying when, at the time these ideas were thought of, did the originators believe the...
  10. CallumS

    Popular SEO Beliefs That Make No Sense At All

    Moore's law would disagree with you on that one :giggle:
  11. CallumS

    Popular SEO Beliefs That Make No Sense At All

    Google is not transparent about their algorithms (hence why SEO's exist), and the advice they do give is often just a confirmation of what we are already assuming - it is in their best interests to provide searchers with the best results so that they continue to have a monopoly on search, so...
  12. CallumS

    Google: Don't disavow bad links unless you are responsible for those links

    We have been doing a fair few more manual audits and disavows for sites that have backlink profiles filled with what we call 'Made for SEO' links and have been seeing some good results. The spammy 'cruft' that everyone gets is probably being ignored by penguin 4.0, but the 'quality mentions'...
  13. CallumS

    Scholarships and link from .edu

    Seems silly, but is the scholarship being offered altruistically (as suggested), or for the purpose for getting the links... Google has said that .edu links are not as valuable as people think they are, and for a number of years now Google has been ignoring links from Scholarship Link Schemes...
  14. CallumS

    One Business, 2 Websites, 2 GMB Profiles - Should I merge Everything??

    Google.... or a savy competitors SEO ;)
  15. CallumS

    Spammy Content Generator. What Are The Downsides?

    Don't forget the screeds of thin content someone else will be cleaning up later!
  16. CallumS

    An Interview with Marie Haynes: Saving Sites and the Future of Link Building

    I like to think of it this way - if you are making a YMYL decision off-line and you had the following options to choose between a) A company who's CEO you'd seen interviewed in the paper, he appeared on news a bunch of times, and in each case he seemed knowledgable and trustworthy. b) A...
  17. CallumS

    The Medic Core Algorithm Update - August 1, 2018

    We primarily use SEMrush for looking at traffic for sites that we haven't got Analytics/GSC access for. It is fairly accurate at showing significant traffic changes.