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  1. Matthew Newman

    Are free Yahoo listings dead?

    First off, long time no see! I've still been going through the arduous process of Yahoo's free listing claiming, but this morning, I've noticed that they seem to have removed that option completely: It only gives me the Yext Yahoo Localworks...
  2. Matthew Newman

    Anyone else see the new Maps feature??

    Check it out! How do you think this will affect business owners?? Have a good day! :D
  3. Matthew Newman

    Can't Submit PIN in Google Places, Box Grayed Out

    Hey all, has anyone else getting this? We've got several clients where when we try to enter in the PIN from postcard, we get a grayed out submission box that we can't enter anything into. There are a couple other people have reported it too, with screenshots...
  4. Matthew Newman

    Google moving listings out of the Places for Business Dashboard?

    This morning, when checking on a few accounts, I was startled to log on to claimed listings and see: with no option to view the profile, for several listings. Worried that the listings had been deleted somehow, I did a quick search for them in Google, and when opened, it would still give me...
  5. Matthew Newman

    Yahoo listings disappearing from Dashboard

    Does anyone else here use Yahoo's free Local Listings? If so, I was hoping someone could confirm a pretty big problem I'm having. So basically when I log into any of the Yahoo accounts I've created using a Google logins, there is no listing there, at all, even for listings that were already...
  6. Matthew Newman

    Google freezing duplicate listings in the Dashboard

    Hey all, I logged into a new client's Google Dashboard today and noticed there were two listings of the same business, one verified and one not. I opened the unverified and got this message at the top: Clicking on "Learn More" brings up: In addition to this, it isn't even possible to...