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  1. Phil Rozek

    "More about [business]" dropdown in local knowledge panel: new?

    Anyone seen this mini-accordion feature in the KP? Not much functionality (yet?). If you click "More" you see the business's Q&A. If you click "Less" the Q&A section is hidden once more. That seems to be the only action. In any case, you have to scroll up to see whatever you wanted to...
  2. Phil Rozek

    Possible GMB "Pending" bug

    Do you see a lot of "pending" info on a GMB listing, but without Google's proposing specific updates? Here's a screenshot that shows what I mean. It's a bricks-and-mortar business, in a bricks-and-mortar category, yet Google slapped "pending" on the service-area field. The listing is live...
  3. Phil Rozek

    GMB Categories Bug: Must Save Twice

    Today, I've had to resubmit any changes to my clients' Google My Business categories, or the changes don't stick. I'll make a simple change (or a few changes), and will click "Apply," and the dashboard won't reflect the changes I just made. The good news is a 2nd attempt always seems to work...
  4. Phil Rozek

    24-hour attribute for ERs in 3-pack: new?

    Anybody seen this? Seems to be an offshoot of the "department" GMB page. Not all hospitals with ERs have that showing up in the 3-pack, from what I've seen.
  5. Phil Rozek

    New Apple Maps subdirectory?

    Any idea why Apple Maps pages are accessible here? I've only known of two ways to pull up an aMaps page: through the Apple Maps app (duh), and at Only about 1500 listings indexed under The oldest seem to be from early...
  6. Phil Rozek

    New naming policies for call-only ads - would be nice if applied to Google My Business

    Just got this: Seems commonsense enough. Sure would be nice if Google applied the same standards to Google My Business, though of course the enforcement is a little trickier.
  7. Phil Rozek

    GMB "insights" missing from search results?

    It appears that once again they're only visible in the GMB dashboard, rather than on a brand-name SERP. Not that I miss 'em much. Are you seeing the same?
  8. Phil Rozek

    Is Google adding new Google My Business categories (slowly)?

    Have you seen any new GMB categories that simply didn't exist before? I've got a client who owns an escape-rooms business. Until very recently, the closest category we could choose was "Amusement Center," which we did. All other escape rooms had that category, or one that was even less...
  9. Phil Rozek

    Google finally allows true-blue anonymous reviews?

    I just noticed this: Wondering whether Google is now letting people write Google reviews without using their real name or a nom de plume. May be simply a matter of removing your first name and last name here - a URL I haven't seen before: Is anyone else seeing...
  10. Phil Rozek

    Google Plus page no longer required to post Google reviews

    It's been almost 4 years, but Google's gone back to letting you write a review with just a general Google or Gmail account (and not necessarily a Google Plus page): Sure, it's a even easier to write fake...
  11. Phil Rozek

    Crackdown on residential addresses for Service Area Businesses?

    Hey everyone, In the past week I've had 2 service-area clients with residential addresses get suspended. (Yes, they were "hiding" the address according to Google's guidelines). Is that just my lousy luck or our lousy luck? Has anyone else run into an unusual number of these issues lately?
  12. Phil Rozek

    New YouTube tab on Google+ Local page

    Saw something tonight that's probably just a test, but that I hadn't seen before. A "YouTube" tab has replaced the "Videos" tab, at least on this page: If you click on that tab you'll see a couple of videos and a link to the business's YouTube channel. I've poked around but haven't seen...
  13. Phil Rozek

    Interesting paid Q&A site -

    I learned of a neat-looking new site that might be a good fit for some local SEO consultants: Quick video (82 seconds) here: About Tuteable on Vimeo It's an Australian startup. The founder, a chap named Adam Miller, described it to me today as like "Quora for problem...
  14. Phil Rozek

    Google+ vanity URLs showing on local pages

    Not many Google+ Local pages have "vanity" URLs. Some do, and I see them from time to time. But I've never noticed it being displayed on the page itself. But there it is, in its own big box, right below the "description" field - and pushing the reviews down. I've never noticed this before...
  15. Phil Rozek

    43 tips for citation-building

    Just thought you guys and gals might be interested in a monstrous post that Darren Shaw and I collaborated on and posted at Whitespark: Local Citation Building Best-Practices | The Super Rad Whitespark Blog Let us know what you think - questions, suggestions, or other good stuff!
  16. Phil Rozek

    New features of Local Citation Finder

    Just thought you guys would like to know about the cool new citation-monitoring feature that's been added to the Local Citation Finder: Citation Monitoring Added to the Local Citation Finder | The Super Rad Whitespark Blog Nice going, Darren & crew!
  17. Phil Rozek

    Return of 5-Star Ratings to Google+ Local Pages

    It looks like in the last few hours Google got rid of the last vestiges of the 30/30 "Zagat" review scale, and brought us back to the good old 5-star scale. The 5 stars had been showing up if you navigated to a Google+ Local page through the "new" Maps, but now it's rolled out completely. More...
  18. Phil Rozek

    Weird date range showing in 7-pack results

    I've never seen this before: I poked around a little bit, but didn't see what might be causing that weirdness to be showing in the results. Anyone else seen it?
  19. Phil Rozek

    Checklist: keeping Google+ reviews from being filtered

    Can anyone think of any points worth adding to the ?how to avoid the Google+ review filter? checklist I posted this morning?
  20. Phil Rozek

    When Google looks the other way

    In some uncompetitive local markets, it's still the Wild West. Case in point: Yes, that's the name of the Google+Local page. Makes you chuckle a little, huh?