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  1. IanJohnson

    Driving Directions - Ranking Factor?

    I recently had a client ask if Google uses the amount of driving direction requests on their GMB listing as a ranking factor and if they should be encouraging more of their customers to use this feature to boost their rankings. To my knowledge, this won't push the needle in any meaningful way...
  2. IanJohnson

    Products vs Services for Lawyers

    Hello all, I have heard that the Products section of GMB is hot right now and it should be utilized while it is being prominently displayed. However, most of the clients that I manage are lawyers/law firms and they don't really offer any products per se; I have primarily been utilizing the...
  3. IanJohnson

    GMB Insights & Local SEO Reports

    Hello all! I am a one-man local SEO team at a small SEO agency and I am looking for some advice in regards to revamping my local reports. I am only about 15 months into the industry and a lot of of my knowledge has been self-taught from videos, articles, forums like this one and LOTS of trial...