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  1. Jonathan Hatton

    Schema Question regarding locations

    What is the difference between between: addressLocality addressRegion For example when using the structued data testing tool for a client its coming up with the city name first and area second. Shouldn't it be the other way around? E.g. addressLocality: London addressRegion : Kensington...
  2. Jonathan Hatton

    Penalty for too many Google+ Local Reviews?

    We recently took on a local client who did not have a current 'My Business' account with Google. Therefore, I made one for him from scratch. I asked him if he could filter through his emails and see if any of his past customers used a Gmail account. I then asked if he could get in touch with...
  3. Jonathan Hatton

    Is This SPAM?

    I have been having a bit of trouble trying to get a Google My Business listing increased for a client. Before the updates in 2014, my client ranked 3rd organically and 2nd in the map listings for the keyword: 'Airport Transfers Liverpool'. You can see in the image, that since the updates, the...