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  1. Keenan Glass

    Custom G+ URLs roll out en masse

    Google announced the widespread roll out of custom or vanity URLs for G+ Profiles and G+ (Local) Pages today... (finally). I'm sure you guys have seen it. A couple of points... To qualify, your page needs 10 followers and a profile...
  2. Keenan Glass

    Review ratings and time frame missing?

    Have y'all noticed the individual review ratings (Excellent, Good, Poor) are gone missing along with time frame (a week ago, 3 months ago, etc)?
  3. Keenan Glass

    Places page as an Organic Result

    Have any of y'all seen Places Listings showing up as an organic result? Sorry, can't figure out how to post an attachment.
  4. Keenan Glass

    Pending - Being Reviewed

    Any body else notice their Places Listing just went to pending?
  5. Keenan Glass

    500 error when switching to manage a verified +Page

    Anybody else getting a 500 error when you attempt to manage your +Page? The Google support forum has a bunch of these in the past two days.
  6. Keenan Glass

    Missing Intros & Descriptions on MERGED Verified G+ Local Pages?

    Not sure where to post this, but after Verifying our G+ local page, we're not able to get the Introduction edits to appear in Public. Google says it should take a few days, otherwise they've been rejected. After 2-3 weeks we removed pretty much everything and all formatting except for some...
  7. Keenan Glass

    New Business

    So, a guy posted in the Google and Your Business forum today - here... Basically he bought an existing business that has several bad reviews. He is using a slightly modified version of the business name. Same phone. Does not have access to the original Places account. He claimed the existing...
  8. Keenan Glass

    Is this the new One Box?

    Came across this yesterday... this is not a preview pane, but maybe the result from an obsure kwp with no adwords