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  1. Tim Colling

    Should you *delete* your GMB listing if you're a "national" business?

    See Results of Removing My Google My Business Listing In this article, Bill Hartzer states that his company's search rankings improved after he deleted his GMB listing. His business is a national business, not a locally-focused business. So is my niche-focused SEO agency (A Servant's Heart...
  2. Tim Colling

    Spacing out GMB photo uploads

    If you are creating a new GMB location listing and you have twenty photos to upload for it, which would you do? And if you have an opinion, do you have actual test information as grounding for it, or just "a hunch"?
  3. Tim Colling

    Tools to upload multiple photos to GMB, one or two per day?

    Are there tools we can use to upload a batch of photos to a GMB location, "dripped" out one or two per day over time?
  4. Tim Colling

    Call Tracking vendors - Which to you use for GMB?

    And add comments about why you like the one that you voted for, if you have time.
  5. Tim Colling

    Still problems with GMB Q&A entries not appearing?

    Is there still a problem with Google My Business Q&A entries not appearing? We're running into a little bit of that on one of my clients' GMB locations.
  6. Tim Colling

    Duplicate listings at same address, which would you report?

    I have just come across an interesting situation. I know what I plan to do, but I'm curious to know what y'all think. There is a local "mobility supplies" business with this Maps URL: Alternative Mobility There is also this Maps URL at the same address which appears to be related to a national...
  7. Tim Colling

    VERY quick response to three reinstatement requests

    Here's a (sort of) happy story: A few days ago we created a new google account and added it as a User for one client's three long-standing GMB listings. The next day, Google suspended all three listings. (That is NOT the happy part of the story. :() Yesterday we filed reinstatement requests...
  8. Tim Colling

    CCPA self-assessment tool

    This is a useful tool:
  9. Tim Colling

    PlePer - is anyone here using it?

    Is anyone here using PlePer for GMB listing monitoring? If so, how do you like it? If not, what alternate tool(s) do you use for this purpose?
  10. Tim Colling

    Address change to "unstick" new GMB listing stuck in "Review"

    One of my new clients has an assisted living facility that already has a GMB listing. The client has a second business that they operate from their office in the ALF, but they have no GMB listing for that second business. The second business is a geriatric care consulting business. It sounds...
  11. Tim Colling

    How to tell which GMB listing a case number refers to?

    Like many, I fell victim to the indiscriminate GMB suspension carnage that began in June. I still have two that have not been reinstated. One was actually declined for reinstatement for "quality reasons" and so I re-appealed that one for reinstatement. I just received one of those completely...
  12. Tim Colling

    Suspension not lifted

    The appeal for reinstatement of my first suspension arising from the addition of a short name, dating back to June 18th, was denied yesterday, for quality reasons. I think that I made a mistake in the original application for reinstatement that I filed by answering the question about what we...
  13. Tim Colling

    Suspension - First one in a long time

    For the record, today one of our client GMB locations was suspended for "quality issues". The only thing we've changed recently, other than publishing Posts and uploading new Photos, is that yesterday we changed the URL for that listing to a the company's home page, instead of the location page...
  14. Tim Colling

    Removing Facebook company pages - a little help?

    Who is good at getting Facebook company pages removed? I have a few that Facebook refuses to delete, for no good reason.
  15. Tim Colling

    "Brand" knowledge panels and MREIDs - what are they good for?

    I discovered that one of my clients has a "brand" knowledge panel and one of the coveted MREIDs That's a first for my little SEO agency, most of our clients are very small, local SMBs. This client is a big one, though, and has been in business for nearly 40 years. How can I put those two...
  16. Tim Colling

    Someone trying to change GMB location name, EVERY DAY

    Is this happening to anyone else? I have a client that has numerous, legitimate branch offices, each of which is separately licensed under the name of the company plus the city in which the branch is located. So for example, imagine that the company is called ABC Hospice and they have licensed...
  17. Tim Colling

    Redressal form ID 2-4776000025852 - no action after 24 days

    I reported a business that was permanently closed. The owner acknowledges that it was closed. I submitted a redressal form asking for it to be removed on April 2 and it was assigned this ID: 2-4776000025852. So far, nothing has changed on the GMB listing. Is there a way to escalate or appeal...
  18. Tim Colling

    GMB category named "POI Establishment" - what is that?

    GMB told me today that one of my clients' GMB listings had a "pending change" in which it was adding a category called "POI Establishment" to the listing. Does anyone know what that category means? I declined the change because I don't know what it means. The client is a home health care and...
  19. Tim Colling

    Hospice "Medical Director" duplicate listings with practitioners

    I have a hospice agency client who has a competitor that lists their own entity on GMB and that also has a fair number of fake duplicate listing with the names of their so-called medical directors. These medical directors are physicians who are on a monthly retainer to the hospice agency and who...
  20. Tim Colling

    How has your experience been so far with Google's Redressal Complaint Form?

    Has anyone here submitted any reports with the new form AND received an outcome from the submission? If so, please tell us about it.