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    After moving site to HTTPS do i need to update all directory / NAP listings ?

    Ive just moved a site to HTTPS. There are 301 redirects between the HTTP and HTTPS versions of the site. Do i need to update all directory / NAP listings, which all currently point to HTTP, can i just let the 301 do the work ?
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    Portal provides unique phone number for call analytics, how to handle this with NAP ?

    We have a profile for a company on a prominent industry portal, as part of the portals pro plan they change our phone number to a unique number so that we can have call tracking as part of the portal analytics. The business is in London, UK. The number the portal provides is a London number...
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    Are reciprocal google reviews allowed ?

    Are reciprocal google reviews allowed ? Eg. in a B2B relationship could 2 companies review each other ?
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    Maintaining consistant NAP when citation sites dont allow you to write correct name ?

    We are doing a citation audit and some of the main sites in our market (UK) dont allow you to have multiple block capital letters in a business name. Our business name is an acronym like "XYZ Services" (not the actual name). Its written this way on the majority of our profiles, but some sites...
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    How to update citation on ?

    Ive been using bright local's tools to find new citations and also duplicate / incorrect data for a location im managing. have the incorrect address for the location, but im struggling to see how i can update the listing on their site, does anyone know how this can be done ?
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    Thoughts on NAP / Citation building Quantity vs Quality ?

    With standard backlinks in years gone by Quantity (web 2.0 profiles + blog comments etc...) used to seem to be as important as Quality. This has obviously changed allot over the past 3 or 4 years with a much larger emphasis on Quality. With NAP / Citation building what is the current consensus...
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    Whitespark's vs Bright Local's

    Im weighing up wether to use Whitespark's or Bright Local's tools to do : - NAP audit - NAP / Citation building - Local tracking (not a number 1 requirement as i already have SERP tracking through positionally / Unamo) I plan to do the work myself using their tools, as opposed to...
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    Analysing a google local ranking drop and how to fix it ?

    We have a site that has recently gone from showing up in the local 3 pack regularly for "service + city" to showing up much further down the list when you click on "more places". Im trying to get to the bottom of what could have changed (rather strangely the site has at the a similar time gone...
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    Is it possible to get more that a 3 months worth of data from google my business ?

    Is it possible to get more that a quater (3 months) worth of insights (analytics) into profile views / website clicks from google my business ?
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    Is it still possible to contact Google my Business support by phone ?

    Is it still possible to contact Google my Business / Google Local / Google places support by phone as per this article here : Problems With Google My Business? Use Phone Support! I followed the steps but couldn't see that it was still working.
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    How are these 2 sites with low stats and unoptimised title tags ranking so well ?

    Im doing some keyword research and Ive found 2 anomalies for competitive search terms where sites with unoptimised title tags, poor backlinks and other stats, (compared to the other sites listed in the SERP) are out ranking everyone and claiming the #1 spot The 2 search terms are : Interior...
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    Updated google street view image for listing which is incorrect

    Our offices are in a courtyard which has a main road running outside of it and a small private road leading to some garages down the side. Our office is in the corner of the courtyard so backs onto the garages, but the entrance to the courtyard is on the main road, the courtyard can not be...
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    Tracking click throughs from Google local SERP listing by adding UTM tag in site URL

    Ive been trying for a while now to track our visits from our google local search listing. I have a feeling that the data in Google My Business is not super accurate. And when ive tried google analytics reports ive never been able to get them to work. What i was thinking of doing instead...
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    Does a local number help you rank locally - if so how local does it have to be ?

    Does a local number help you rank locally - if so how local does it have to be ? In London, UK we have a 2 main area telephone number system having a 0207 at the beginning of your phone number means that its inner London and having an 0208 means that its more on the outskirts of London. But...
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    Can google see that you have a voip phone even if you have a geograhic number ?

    Can google see that you have a *voip phone even if you have a geographic number, and if so does google prefer you have a physical land line when it comes to ranking a business in the local pack ? *voice over ip - basically means you dont have a hard wired telephone line, but instead connect to...
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    Testing local pack rankings as if searched from another neighborhood of the city

    Ive got a company's site ranking in the top 3 local pack for its "industry term + city" (eg. locksmith in london) (not the actual term) I happen to be located near to the company so my guess is when i search for "industry term + city" im getting a skewed search. This is ok, as it shows local...