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  1. CCarter

    Am I looking for a nonexistent SEO comparison tool?

    Sorry for the extremely late response. I'm not good with emails. Within SERPWoo you can use zip codes and it dues the querying exactly the same way Google does it to serve it's users using the UULE variable (More about UULE: Geolocation: The Ultimate Tip to Emulate Local Search). So you can...
  2. CCarter

    Scared to Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS?

    Just an FYI, Google is discontinuing support for SPDY within from Chrome in favor of http/2 since it's using spdy/2 as a base for http/2 now. I assume it's an effort to make all this less confusing.
  3. CCarter

    Google+ Links & Reviews Stripped from the Branded SERPs Now Too

    Wow, I never thought THIS would ever happen as they removed G+. I figure the impact is going to echo loudly. I foresee Yelp seeing an increase in the SERPs cause of this.
  4. CCarter

    35 Sites For Boosting Domain Trust & How to Spread the Link Juice

    Thanks Linda for sharing this! And thank you for your wonderful compliments. One thing we are looking to do is always provide content with real "meat" on them and that helps create brand awareness and brand trust overall. I would like to think these guest-posts are a great example of what people...
  5. CCarter

    The biggest problem you face?

    In the scenarios with the questionnaires I strongly suggest sitting down with the customer and filling it out together - actually you filling it out. The reason is - it makes them feel like they are not doing homework but answering to a person what they distinguish being great about their...
  6. CCarter

    The biggest problem you face?

    You're never going to be able to get a single client to send you content. At best you'll need to have a sit down with the client and tell them the keywords and marketing concepts you are attacking and get the content written by your writer and allow them to "skim" over the end content after it's...
  7. CCarter

    If you Baffle Clients with Bull Hockey & Geek Speak - You should Read This

    I was guilty with talking over people's understanding of the basics of internet and SEO for the first number of clients when I ran my agency. Eventually I was able to start "dumbing" concepts down so at least a 8 year old will understand. If done right from an educational standpoint and not...
  8. CCarter

    BREAKING: Is Google Getting into the Home Services Market Like Amazon?

    An articles about the thumbtack situation: After Investing In A Local Services Startup, Google Turns Around And Builds A Competitor - Forbes Another on thumbtack itself: How Thumbtack Plans To Be Your One-Stop Local Services Shop For Plumbers, Chefs And Belly Dancers - Forbes
  9. CCarter

    Awesome New SERP Tracking Tool

    Local Ranking and Map Packs are here!! Let me know if you have any questions or requests, we're starting down our local SEO route to start servicing SEOs that target this area. Hit me up if you need anything, I'm always available!
  10. CCarter

    What is the best way to check local ranking for a keyword?

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to update anyone still interested in local rankings. We just added Local SEO tracking, and displaying the 3/7 map packs as well. We also have language selection for the international crowd added as well. (Edited by Linda to remove the large image and link to the...
  11. CCarter

    Awesome New SERP Tracking Tool

    Thanks, we're working on bringing local map packs and other local SEO solutions in the coming months to SERPWoo since we plan on having local businesses as one of our key audiences. I'm here if you need anything and I would love to do a post/video on more targets. Just a side note, that's not...
  12. CCarter

    What is the best way to check local ranking for a keyword?

    Yes, daily for and several international versions of Google. We also pull Alexa, Social Signals, pagerank, moz, Ahrefs, semrush, WHOIS data and other metrics for every urls within the top 30+ - some metrics are pulled daily as well- and display it in an easy to view format. There is...
  13. CCarter

    What is the best way to check local ranking for a keyword?

    CC, co-founder of SERPWoo here. I just wanted to chime in to clear any confusion. Unfortunately currently we are not monitoring maps or local packs results. In the future we plan on, but at the moment that option is not available. We'll make announcements to our customer base once it does become...
  14. CCarter

    Yelp is manipulating Google Local Pack?

    Are you sure that's not just Google editing the Title according to you result. They edit something like over 60% of all SERP Results according to the user's keyword input. Source: Google Doesn't Think Your Title Tags are Good Enough
  15. CCarter

    Awesome New SERP Tracking Tool

    LOL, I wish I was a wizard. I'm just a marketer that knows how to program. I focus on overall marketing, online and offline, with SEO being one tool in the toolbox to generate traffic. I'm a big advocate of Traffic Leaks for generating tremendous amount of targeted traffic. A traffic leak sounds...
  16. CCarter

    Awesome New SERP Tracking Tool

    Yeah it's a bit involving since it draws upon several factors of previous conversations and analysis done. First let me go into monitoring and the volatility metrics for a background. We monitor the volatility of each keyword and display them for users to see in the main interface when looking...
  17. CCarter

    Awesome New SERP Tracking Tool

    Sorry about the late reply. You can delete all the default keywords and projects and do your own. Accuracy - one thing to note is we currently neutralize localized/personalized searches, so far we've been hitting the mark better then anything we've tested against, but overall our main focus is...
  18. CCarter

    Awesome New SERP Tracking Tool

    Hi All, I'm not sure what the rules are, so I sincerely apologize in advance if I may be breaking/bending one of them. I'm Carter, one of the founders of SERPWoo. First I want to thank OP for the shoutout! We are working to bring a great tool to users and love feedback if anyone has any on how...