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    Malicious Edit on my GMB listing

    Hi Kass, I responded to your PM.
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    Outbound link to company's LinkedIn profile from website

    Stefan, you are correct! Thank you!
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    Outbound link to company's LinkedIn profile from website

    Does anyone know how to create an outbound link from a company's website to its LinkedIn profile without getting a 999 Request Denied error? When a user clicks on a link to the company's profile URL, they're asked to login or sign up for LinkedIn and access is denied. Is there a workaround, a...
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    Site Kit by Google WordPress plugin

    Blake, thanks, for the stats.
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    Brightlocal: Fake Reviews Statistics

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    GMB "Pending Review" Issue Resolved?

    Yes, still receiving the "technical issue" response regarding clients' listings that are in 'pending review' as of last week.
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    Site Kit by Google WordPress plugin

    For those here who have installed it for their site or clients, have you noticed any degradation in page speed? My webmaster recently overhauled a site to improve page speed and I always loathe to add additional plugins. Thoughts/observations?
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    Verified Listings Showing as Unverified?

    Just did a search as well. Appears to be all fixed. Tested both logged in and logged out, tested on Chrome and Firefox. All clear.
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    Core Algorithm Update - September 24, 2019

    Conor, I too, have had clients that have been getting traffic and leads from pages that haven't ranked organically for well over 12 months. Long-tail phrases. Haven't yet noticed a similar boost in local rankings--kind of holding their own.
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    Google's New Announcement About Review Schema

    Wowzers! It's my understanding that Google does dish out review schema markup penalties (although not often.) Are you suggesting they don't impact rankings?
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    Google's New Announcement About Review Schema

    So, does this suggest a review widget like GatherUp on the site is insufficient? Would a Yelp review widget work--allowing stars to still show up?
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    Stacking 301 redirects

    The one word of caution is: If you have old citations out there with the old version of URL, e.g., .php that are actually driving traffic to the site--you may need to preserve them until you get those directory listings/citations cleaned up with current URL version. I've seen that for clients...
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    GMB "Pending Review" Issue Resolved?

    Ben, that's really interesting. I'll keep that in mind. Do you have any other suggestions where the business is simply opening a new store location with a landing page on the existing domain?
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    GMB "Pending Review" Issue Resolved?

    Andy, that's great news! May Google providence shine down on my client as well. I'll keep you posted so that we all have a timeframe expectation moving forward, i.e., how long listings can remain in pending review purgatory.
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    GMB "Pending Review" Issue Resolved?

    Andy, same situation here. My client opened a new store. We submitted the listing nearly 6 weeks ago. I spoke with GMB support and they told me there was a glitch on their end and to 'hold tight' that they'd follow up with me via email/open service ticket. Nothing. My client is so frustrated...
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    GMB Listings Stuck in Pending

    Susan, I had the exact same response from my call to GMB support 2 weeks ago. That it was a 'glitch' on their end and that they'd be following up with me via email. I have heard nothing and the listing is still 'pending review.'
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    Google Ads Defaulting to Account Level Call Reporting on 9-9-19

    Hi All, I just got a message from Google Ads regarding this upcoming update to call reporting. I'd like to hear others opinions re: pros, cons and implications of moving to account-level reporting as opposed to ad group and extension level call reporting. You can opt out of the update it...
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    BrightLocal - Google My Business Insights Study

    For restaurants and hotels it totally makes sense - - I always look at photos for those businesses and expect to see many photos, e.g., interior, dishes, rooms. For professional services, I would expect far fewer--I'd like to see the office, owner/staff. One exception would be cosmetic...
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    CallRail + Call Only Ads

    I agree with this strategy. I've had absolutely no issues incorporating Callrail numbers into my call only ads when: 1) I add the call extension and 2) I update the phone number on the landing page to the Callrail number. The one thing that I have NOT done, but I'd love input is to update to...
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    Fake Yelp Review What Recourse?

    Sorry, for delay in response. I actually got another review pulled down last week, citing TOS. What I mean by that is go to: Carefully, research what might qualify as reason for violation of TOS. Remember, it's been my experience that you only get one shot...