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  1. Michael S. Doran

    Catagory no longer available on GMB?

    I recently landed a client that is a scrap metal recycling center. It used to be that Recycling Center was a live category, but apparently Google decided to eliminate it. That was the perfect category and all of their competitors are listed that way. Does anyone have any good ideas to overcome...
  2. Michael S. Doran

    Realtors and Agency offices, what is proper?

    I am looking at doing some work for some Realtors and I am questioning a few things. I am thinking of Realtors kind of like doctors and lawyers, menaing that it is proper to have a listing for the office and also for individuals. Is this right or wrong? Does it make sense to create listings and...
  3. Michael S. Doran

    Does a forwarded domain hurt local SEO ranking?

    I have a customer that was set up with a domain that is forwarded (without masking) to their real domain, which is a like as a type of subdomain. Their rankings are weaker than I would expect normally and I am wondering if the domain might be an issue. Anyone have any...
  4. Michael S. Doran

    Let's talk about niche businesses that don't have a great category fit

    Sometimes setting up a listing is easy, such as an auto repair shop. Such an easy fit for many categories. Other times a business doesn't even have one really good category for their Google listing, such as a Public Insurance Adjuster. So I was thinking we could discuss ideas for setting up...
  5. Michael S. Doran

    Beware of this potential problem

    I recently setup a customers Google listing for their new business and encountered a problem I think is worth sharing. After laying a foundation of citations and creating a website, I verified the Google listing and it went live. Shortly after that the listing was suspended and after...
  6. Michael S. Doran

    Search engine listing mail verifications

    I created a post on my blog with images of Google, Bing and Yahoo mail verification postcards. I find that they are helpful images to share with clients to assist in them returning the PINs. I hope these are useful to others. Search engine listing mail verifications
  7. Michael S. Doran

    Citation Verification Methods

    So I recently have started documenting the various methods for verifying citations that many of us use helping Google listings. I have posted what I have so far on my blog and I am sharing that here. I also have re-registered here under my real name instead of using the screen name that I used...