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  1. liorenda

    Listing Overall Rating

    Hey guys and girls, I just downloaded the GMB insights for one of my clients, a brand with multiple locations, and saw in the CSV file a column which I never saw (or noticed) before: Overall Rating. The score seems to be between 0 and 5. Does anyone have some more specific info about this...
  2. liorenda

    Suspensions, Suspensions, Suspensions

    Hi there, One of our clients in California, which already has over 100 listings, is trying to add new ones to his GMB account. For some reason, every new listing that we add gets one of two things: it's either suspended immediately, or the Google postcards never arrive (we obviously sent more...
  3. liorenda

    Verify Now vs. Reconfirm Location

    Hi there, One of my clients has unverified GMB listings (he tried to verify them before, unsuccessfully). When I enter some locations, I get to choose between "Verify Now" and Reconfirm Location". I know what Verify Now means, but what it Reconfirm Location?
  4. liorenda

    Aggregators and Yahoo Small Business ongoing payment

    Hi guys, Do you find any need in paying a monthly/annually fee for aggregators (via Bright Local) and Yahoo Small Business listings (or Yext)? We spend a hefty part of the marketing budget on these ongoing services, while not sure if it's necessary after the initial payment. Any thoughts from...
  5. liorenda

    Possible Effect of the Medic Update

    Hi there, I manage two brands which are both in industries related to the Medic / YMYL algorithm update. I recently noticed that both brands maintained local rankings for their main keyword, but keywords in 2nd or 3rd priority (could be a variation on the main keyword) got hit pretty bad, both...
  6. liorenda

    GMB FAQs Error

    Hi there, One of my clients has a bulk verified account in GMB, but when trying to answer a question in the FAQ section, it keeps returning an error message (See photo attached). When trying to answer as a "regular" user, it works fine. It goes the same for another client, which isn't bulk...
  7. liorenda

    Using UTM in URLs

    I have a faint memory of Google (or one of it's employees), telling not to use UTM codes in GMB URLs. I tried to track it down, but couldn't find any trace of it. Is my memory playing games with me?
  8. liorenda

    Entering city name in GMB listing name

    Hi there, After reviewing the GMB name guidelines, I'm still not sure whether it's valid to insert city name in the GMB business name. On the one hand, it says not to use city or neighborhood name. On the other hand, according to the guidelines, it's ok to write "Holiday Inn Salem" or “Equinox...