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    SEO - New Cities - Build on existing page or new URL

    So I wasn't sure exactly where to place this question but I'll start here. Feel free to move it where it needs to be. I am working on a limo/shuttle bus company based here in Houston and have built up their rankings for all things Houston at the moment and I am building links etc on other...
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    Practitioner Name or Business

    Hi everyone, I had a quick question. I have a client that I am taking on and wanted to know what you guys would recommend. This client is a dentist that has become a bit of an online personality on instagram and some other places so people there will just search for her name when they are...
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    My first local site, would love an experts take.

    Hi everyone! I just created my first local business website and would love a quick look through the site and let me know if I did a decent job of things. I feel like I have read and picked up a lot of things that needed to be included and revamped the website to adhere to these best practices...