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  1. d2minc

    Reliable source for GMB change notifications

    Does anyone know of a reliable source for GMB change notifications? I used to get them from Bright Local's GMB tool, but it stopped working a while back. I've tried several other providers,, etc. but no luck. They either don't work or don't send email notifications...
  2. d2minc

    Client Rebranding and Moving - Same Site and Phone - New Name and Address

    I have a client who is rebranding and moving (so new business name and address) – but they will have the same phone number (and website). They have a ton of citations out there. Would you update existing listings or start over with new ones?
  3. d2minc

    Completely Stumped. Any Onpage SEO Pros willing to take a look?

    Looking at my profile page for probably the first time, I?ve been a member of this forum since 2013. But I have never posted or contributed anything, just taken the info of those who do take the time to contribute. So while I don?t deserve any favors from anyone here, I?m hoping a few will chime...