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    Find CID in Google+ Listing

    I am trying to find the CID number in a Google+ listing. Can anyone send me in the right direction for the latest method that works? Thank you, Barry
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    Client Lost Google My Business Login Credentials -- What to DO?

    Hello everyone. I am sure this problem occurs all the time. The client cannot remember the credentials (email address & password) used to claim his Google My Business listing. He remembers claiming it in 2014 and had the PIN number letter mailed to his address for verification. We can provide...
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    Requested Post Card Verification Weeks Ago from Google My Business. Nothing Sent!

    I am working with three established businesses. I requested a post card verification for each one. It has been over 4 weeks with nothing mailed on any of them. Suggestions on what steps to take next please? Regards, Barry Zuber
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    How to Claim a Google+ Places Listing for the New Business Owner?

    We have a client that has purchased a business from the previous owner. The address and the phone number are the same but the name is different with the new owner. We tried the telephone verification process to claim it but it went into voicemail each time. All that was left was post card...
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    Business Claimed in Old Google Places Dash--Shows Up Unclaimed in New Google Places

    We claimed the clients business listing in the old Google Places dashboard two years ago. When I log-in using the old Google Places dashboard (which is still active), I see the current stats. I have not moved them over to the new Google Places+ dashboard. When I Google their business name and...