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  1. MattCheah

    Seeing New Dashboard Listings merged with Google+ Business Pages - Anyone else?

    Is it finally happening? I logged into a client's new dashboard account today and was greeted with this: I have never merged this listing with a G+ Business page, and this email address doesn't even have a Google+ profile associated with it, yet it is still able to manage the business as...
  2. MattCheah

    Google Places Troubleshooter MOVED

    If you guys have tried using the troubleshooter recently, you may have noticed that the link we usually use for the troubleshooter takes us to a generic "support" page , found here: After a little bit of poking around though, we found that the same...
  3. MattCheah

    Creating a +Business page without using a personal account to create it.

    Sincerest apologies if anyone has posted this question before - I assume it must be fairly common but I was unable to find an answer. Is it possible to create a +Business page without using a personal account to create it? The situation is this: My company would like to start providing...
  4. MattCheah

    Business not showing up for categories in maps, only for Phone / Biz Name + City

    Hi all, I've been experiencing a problem with a few of my clients recently. I've been seeing that some businesses show up when I search for their phone number or their business name + City, State, but they don't show up when I do a search for their categories. Let me give you an example...