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  1. Adamk

    Amazing Presentation

    Boston SearchLove How to Prioritize Your Local Search Work
  2. Adamk

    Account Update in Progress

    This is my first time dealing with this issue, does anyone know if there is any way to get past the message: We are currently updating your account. It will be unavailable for a few hours. If you continue to see this message after a few hours, let us know. This has been the message when we log...
  3. Adamk

    500+ Locations and Home Addresses That Change every Few Years

    Hi All, Is there a best practice for getting these type of locations on Google? We would hide the addresses as they all serve customers at there locations.
  4. Adamk

    Local Search Market Share

    I was hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I am looking for some research that compares Google+, Yahoo, Yelp, Yp etc. local search market share. Thanks.
  5. Adamk

    Listing Management for 100+ Locations

    Hi, Is anyone interested in discussing the differences between working with SMB's and Regional/National brands? In our experience, the best practices for the 2 are completely different. Do you agree? We are putting together a best practices for multi location companies. 100-4000...
  6. Adamk

    Citations helped raise my Google+ Listing

    Hi All, Can someone point me in the right direction? I am looking for a case study that proves citations/links actually move the rankings on Google. I am not trying to start a debate over the value, just looking for some empirical data. Thanks.
  7. Adamk

    YEXT and Paid Links

    I have been having a debate with some Local SEO folks. Does anyone think YEXT could be classified as paid links? On sites like MapQuest, Yahoo etc. Is there a difference between paying a YEXT for the link or getting the link organically?
  8. Adamk

    Bulk Upload Override

    Has anyone had any experience or findings related to an approved bulk upload overriding individually claimed listings?
  9. Adamk

    Taking Over Local SEO

    We have taken over Local SEO for a company with about 2000 locations. It seems that most of the listings are inaccurate and claimed. The client does not know who claimed them and has no access. Has anyone seen best practices to follow in this scenario? Thanks