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  1. TomW

    User Profiles on Maps

    Not sure how new this is but there is now an option to add/edit your profile on the Google Maps app. From there you can see your contributions (reviews, photos, Q&A, lists, edits) and you can add a bio: More info about profiles can be found here: My profile - Android - Google Maps Help
  2. TomW

    Suggest an edit reason for removal - copyright / legal violation

    Just noticed this as an option for "Reason for removal" When I tried to submit with that option it didn't work for me: Joy says when she tried it, she was sent to the legal request form: Removing Content From Google - Legal Help Has anyone else seen or tried this option?
  3. TomW

    Map location is approximate. Can you help us improve it?

    Starting seeing this message yesterday... mainly on unverified listings with a partial address. Local finder version: On a verified listing with a PO Box address:
  4. TomW

    Suggest an edit option "Not open yet"

    I noticed the the option "Not open yet" today when I was suggesting an edit to a listing. I don't recall seeing that before.