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    How to access my clients' Google Local accounts?

    Hi there, Help required urgently... I administer several Google+ entities for several of my clients which include Gmail and Google+Local accounts. However, my laptop and a couple of my backup drives were stolen. All my Google setup details for my most recent clients (last 4 months) are gone...
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    Google G+Business Verification Pin Didn't Work

    Hello all, My client received the G+B verification pin in the post. But when we entered the details it didn't work. Not sure if you have experienced this at all... What concerns me is that the next pin doesn't work either... Is there a way of letting Google know? Any ideas? Regards Greg
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    Can You Use The Same Telephone Number For 2 Seperate Businesses?

    Hello everyone, Hope you are all well... Interesting challenge here - I am dealing with a client that owns 2 seperate businesses that share the same telephone switchboard with same number and the same business premises. Is it possible to create 2 seperate G+Business accounts using the same...
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    Interesting Problem with Verifying a G+Business Listing

    Hello everyone, I recently completed a new listing for a client and just received the Google postcard with the verification pin. So, signed in with the Gmail account that I had created to start the process. Entered the web address into a new browser tab and entered...
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    Still Required to Create Google+, Google+Business Before Creating a Google+Local??

    Hello everyone, This is what I have done in the past to create a Google+Local listing: Set up the following: New Gmail for business Google+ for the owner (personal account) Google+Business for the business Finally Google+Local listing Is this necessary? Do you follow the same process...
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    Best Image Size for Google+Local Listing?

    Hello all, Just about to do a new Google+Local listing and wondered what you use as the ideal image size for the 10 images? Best regards Greg
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    No Suitable Categories for Google+ Business Page

    Hello everyone, Hope you are all well.... Busy setting up a new G+ profile for a new client that I have developed a website for. So, created a new Gmail, G+ account. Busy trying to finish the setup for the G+Business account BUT cannot find a single category that matches what they do in their...
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    Disagreement with my client over organic vs G+L listing?

    Hello there, I've had a disagreement with my client over his company listing and I would love your thoughts on this? For a certain keyword+city, his business is ranked ABOVE the G+L listings. However, because most of his direct competitors are listed in the G+L listings below, he is convinced...
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    Oops....How to edit a client's listing without causing problems???

    Hello everyone, After reading Linda's thread: I realised that all the telephone numbers for all my client's listings are incorrectly formatted as follows: 555 222 1234 instead of...
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    What is the best way to get different branches of company listed?

    Hello everyone, Some time ago I successfully listed one of my clients on Google Places and created a seperate listing for each of the branches.... The main listing comes up in the No1 spot but that is because it matches the website name (which is for the main city). The two branches also...
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    Clients G+L listing is missing photos - how do I fix the problem?

    Hello everyone, Just checked the listing for one of my clients and found that the pictures (10 of them) are all missing...... However, if I log into the dashboard the pictures are all there. How do I fix this? Appreciate your help... Regards Greg
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    How would you get a client G+Local listing to rank for multiple keywords?

    Hi there, I have a client G+Local listing that ranks well for several keywords.... But they want to rank for several more as well as rank for different iterations of the same word.... For example: physiotherapy physiotherapist physio sports physiotherapy sports physio sports physiotherapist...
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    Do you optimise your images for your Google+Local sites?

    Hi there everyone, Hope this year is going to be really prosperous for all of you....... When I first started with Google Places for my clients, I read that you needed to optomise (name) all the 10 images with the business name and the location. In other words - an image could be names as...
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    Is it safe to get clients to choose Exact Match Domain for a new website?

    Hello everyone, Firstly, Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to all, Over the last couple of years, I have used EMD's very successfully for my client websites. I used their profession linked to a local place such as attorney + (not my site - example only). However, I recently...
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    Is it possible to rank a client's Google Places listing in top 7 without a website?

    Hello, I have successfully completed several Google Places listings for my clients. They have all had a website. I was contacted by a Chiropractor who had just started his business. So he doesn't have the available cash to build a website at the moment. So we built his Google Places page in...