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    Toll Free Numbers For Local SEO or Organic

    Lynda, I'm starting a new business (moving company) in a major metropolitan area. I have an 844 toll free number I was going to use for our main number. Do you recommend for nap and citation purposes that I stick with a local number? And keep the 844 number to our trucks and at the top of our...
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    Multiple Businesses Sharing The Same Location

    The other (new) business was being promoted by another SEO. So I can only assume the usual local seo work e.g. citation building, GMB page optimization, link building etc. In addition, right around the time both businesses tanked in the Google local listings I found 100 porn links going back...
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    Does adding a suite # for businesses sharing the same address solve NAP issue?

    If I'm running two businesses out of a single location can I simply add a suite number to each business's address to get around Google's rule of only "one business per address"? Has anyone seen an instance where this tactic has worked?
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    Multiple Businesses Sharing The Same Location

    Hello All! I have a client that has two businesses that he runs out of two different practice locations. He's an orthodontist who has also started a pediatric dentistry practice. Both businesses share addresses but have different phone numbers. He is primarily an orthodontist and began the...