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  1. nathangdavidson

    Local Teaser SERP feature more common for mobile searches?

    Hi, I'll be completely honest, I only became aware of the Local Teaser SERP feature today! My understanding is that they look a lot like Local Packs, but don't contain the same information, the most important (for SEO's at least) being they don't have website links. From the very little...
  2. nathangdavidson

    Competitor has added additional GMB profile for their home address, allowed?

    Hi, I noticed a competitor of one of my clients has recently created an additional, regular (not SAB) Google My Business listing which is their home address, but have retained their business address listing too, which is in a different town. It looks like they're trying to improve their...
  3. nathangdavidson

    Practitioner operating out of three locations

    Hi, I have a potential new client (category = plastic surgeon) that currently has one regular GMB listing. His website suggests he operates out of three locations (three different hospitals in three different towns). I suspect he's looking to improve his profile in all three locations. My...
  4. nathangdavidson

    Bug in Google Marketing Kit tool?

    Hi, Does anyone know who I should contact to advise Google of a bug in their Marketing Kit software Google My Business Marketing Kit I've used it quite a lot recently to create Google Posts of client reviews, since we don't have the facility over here in the UK to generate these on the fly (at...
  5. nathangdavidson

    SERP checker using geo-cordinates

    Hi, Does anyone know of a tool, prerefably a free one, that allows you to check a SERP using geo-cordinates rather than typing the name of a town, city or post/zip code? Thanks
  6. nathangdavidson

    Category being displayed isn't one client has selected

    Hello all, I've noticed that when a clients business listing appears in the Local Pack - for a number of different search terms - the business category being displayed, isn't one that they've added to their GMB profile. Screenshots attached - the Local Pack one is for the search [window...
  7. nathangdavidson

    Click thru rates for Local Pack and Local Finder, by position, by device

    Hi, Would anyone recommend a study they've seen that estimates click thru rates for positions in the Local Pack, on mobile/desktop, for a variety of different searches? I'd also be interested to know what percentage are clicking on 'More places' - and then when they get through to the Local...
  8. nathangdavidson

    What tool do you use for tracking keywords in multiple locations?

    Hello everyone, I'm sure a lot of you appreciate that tracking rankings for a set of keywords in multiple locations for a client can be a costly business. I work with a few local businesses and I'm keen to offer them rank tracking in their home town/city AND a few of the larger towns and...
  9. nathangdavidson

    What's the best way to advise Google when there's a bogus business listing returned in a Local Pack?

    Hi, I noticed today that my client has been pushed out of a Local Pack for the query [house extensions east grinstead] in their home town (East Grinstead, UK) - as per the attached. The listing that has pushed them out is for a hairdresser - so a different kind of extension! What's the best...
  10. nathangdavidson

    Google Posts not disappearing after a week

    Hi, I'd be interested to know if anyone else is seeing this? I published a Google Post for a client on the 9th April and I can still see it displayed in their knowledge panel today. It's a general Post, not related to an event. I've not seen this before. Has anyone else? Best wishes, Nathan
  11. nathangdavidson

    A couple of questions about GMB listings for individual practitioners

    Hi, Someone has come to me and asked for some help with their digital marketing. He has a Google My Business listing but it's not looking like it's been set up correctly - as per the guidelines. He offers osteopathy, sports massage, acupuncture and other services out of a building in Central...
  12. nathangdavidson

    'See outside' photo not representative of clients actual location

    Hi, My clients 'See outside' photo on his Knowledge Panels is in no way representative of his actual location and it doesn't seem - having had a few discussions with reps at Google My Biz - that there's a short term solution to this, which is baffling to me. the fireplace company - Google...