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  1. Matt Cas

    Hard Suspension but Showing as "Published"

    Some of the locations I manage from a chain on GMB just got hard suspensions (for unknown reasons) but within the GMB dashboard, each of these locations are still showing the status of "Published" like the other locations that are live. Is this a bug? Has anyone else seen this?
  2. Matt Cas

    Fans Spamming NFL Stadium Listing in Los Angeles

    The new NFL stadium being built for the Rams and Chargers in Inglewood, CA already has 155 Google reviews but it's not slated to open until the summer of 2020. Looks like some NFL fans are entertaining themselves by spamming the listing long before it opens. Here are some examples:
  3. Matt Cas

    Will Top Storage Citation Sources Cause NAP Issues?

    So I work with a multi-location self storage company and we'd like to get citations on some or all of the top citation sources for storage according to Whitespark but we noticed several of these sites won't allow us to use our phone number, we'd have to use their provided numbers instead. In...