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    Google Changes and Publishes Wrong Hours

    Some days I wonder what goes on at Google. They randomly change a location's hours and publish it. Then, I have to go in and manually correct the hours back. I don't have time to fix Google's constant misinformation. It's a horrible user experience and a complete waste of my time. Why do they...
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    GMB Marking Service Listings as Duplicate

    Our retail stores have an auto maintenance/repair service attached to the main building. This service business has separate hours, phone number, staff, signage, entrance, etc. I broke these service centers out about 2 years ago due to customers thinking they had the same hours/phone as the...
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    Google's Policies are Killing Us

    We're opening 5 new locations this year--all new construction. The GMB listing is auto generated and horribly populated. GMB randomly decides when to send out the postcard w/code. Often this is well before there is any personnel beyond construction workers at the sight. Even though I email the...
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    Deleting a Duplicate

    Why do I feel like I'm signing my own death certificate by deleting a duplicate listing in my account? I have two identical listings for one store location and I want to delete one from our account. I'm 6 or 7 steps/screens into the deletion agreement and it's getting worse not better. I being...
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    Resolve what update?

    I have at least one listing a day with a "Resolve Issue" notice. Most are absolutely useless, like this one: There is no visible difference. Does anyone else get relentless issues to resolve day after day?
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    Creation of Google Indoor Maps

    Howdy, I'm wondering how to create an indoor map for our business locations. I found these two resources: Nowhere does it provide information on how the floor plans are created. Do I have...
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    Remove Photo From Location Listing

    Howdy, We were contacted by a customer requesting to have a photo of them taken off our GMB listing. The photo is "By Customer" and I'm unable to remove it from the listing. It looks like a person snapped a photo of the store interior that prominently features this mother and daughter. The...
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    Doesn't Accept Cash Only

    So.... now all my store listings on GMB are being tagged as "doesn't accept cash only." What kind of intern brainstorm did that language come out of? I don't not understand what that doesn't not mean for payment methods we don't not accept or do not not do accept. Does anyone else think...