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    Has Yext Gotten Slower? No Longer Direct Insertion Without Yelp Hassling Clients?

    I posted this in the Yext forum, but I guess it has to be approved by the sub forum mod... maybe not the best place to post under a sponsored sub forum. Anywho, just interested in chatting with you guys about it, not so much a yext rep...
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    Too many calls, need an answering service. Any suggestions?

    I suppose he's not interested in expanding? (my clients love being overwhelmed... typically gets them giddy for expansion, which for most is a life long dream) If I were you, I'd try segregating my call tracking lines. I'd test this for a week and send the main line to a REALLY well done voice...
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    Local SEO Call Tracking - Huge BS Alert

    Welp, it would probably be best not to lay this out in full detail to someone who sells info products ya know. Nothing revolutionary... call tracking numbers on pumper sites, profile pages, lead gen sites, etc... anything creative that is acceptable to qualified prospects. Then you're not...
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    The value of building links, looking for thoughts

    Re: The Value of building links, looking for thoughts Why don't you guys build your own network to promote clients? Cleaner, faster, and you maintain tons of control.
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    Local SEO Call Tracking - Huge BS Alert

    There's some clarity lacking here... using call tracking on a clients site as a main line? Or, using dynamic call tracking on landing pages? Not even close to being the same. Plus if you play dirty, there's many ways you can monitor inbound leads and not even touch the clients NAP. Hell, you...
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    Can you rank for Google Local AND first page organic?

    Re: Can you rank for google local AND first page organic? I wish you guys would say Places, Maps... or something other than "local." To answer your question, you can absolutely rank #1 in places and organically. Nowhere near enough details about your situation... do you guys know where sit on...
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    Ranking Reports - How to report with SERP's changing so much?!

    If you live and die by SERPs, you're going to be facing an uphill battle forever. Change your metrics... educate the clients to care about inbound leads, not a ranking change from week to week. It's a different conversation to have when it's, "oh there's only been 42 calls this month, it seems...
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    Outranking Vista Print In Need Of Some Help And Guidance?

    I didn't call you back did I? Sorry bud. I'll be in a meeting from 730-10 tonight, but if you haven't gotten this ironed out feel free to call me late again Brad.
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    New Local SEO Wordpress plugin from Yoast

    Any updates here? I love the regular plugin from yoast!
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    ServiceMagic Becomes HomeAdvisor (and only Paid listings now)?

    I don't follow... I think maybe you're referring to muddy NAP?
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    Outranking Vista Print In Need Of Some Help And Guidance?

    Are we looking at the same site?!?! 360 Wireless Boise <head> <meta charset="UTF-8" /> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1"> <title>360 Wireless Boise</title> <link rel="shortcut icon" href="/wp-content/themes/yoo_balance_wp/favicon.ico" /> <link...
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    ServiceMagic Becomes HomeAdvisor (and only Paid listings now)?

    These people suck... seriously. You know how easy it is for me to outperform these cats? Haha The complaints I hear the most, verbatim: "Yeah I get leads, but everytime I call someone else has already called" "When I show up to an appointment, there's 3 other companies there too" "We...
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    Keyword Selection: Volume vs Competition Strength vs Qualified Lead

    Sure what do you need help with? Form tips: test really, but off the top of my head, service selection drop downs, that unconsciously educate the consumer about services you do that they might not know about. (I want a pool, OMG they do docks too!!! - "I just found that out by filling out the...
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    Keyword Selection: Volume vs Competition Strength vs Qualified Lead

    Are you the business owner? I suspect not, as a lot of higher volume search terms result in tire kickers and wasted time doing appointments/estimates for price shoppers. I do lead gen for several contractors in FL, and it took a while (is still evolving) to learn how to screen this and filter...
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    Outranking Vista Print In Need Of Some Help And Guidance?

    hehe, you still need some help bud. To echo the above, your onpage isn't focused around the services you're interested in getting exposure for. Is there even any search volume for these terms? You might try running the most popular services through a tool like term explorer, reg an emd, and...
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    Out-of -the-Box Local Link Building

    US based event submission tool seconded! The ones I do manually work pretty well, but it takes to long. Perhaps a ubot submission tool?
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    Keyword Rich / Service Description Div Tags?

    Has anyone experimented with service/keyword specific div tags in page templates? I tried it a time or two, but didn't notice much difference in performance (too many other factors I'm sure, def not isolated)... however I still see some large chiro and dental seo firms doing it. Curious if...